There are two common types of traditional Scottish bagpipes, highland bagpipes and small bagpipes. This article mainly introduces highland bagpipes. With the best bagpipes for sale online  you need to be specific now.

The Origin

The famous Highland bagpipe (Scottish Gaelic: “phiobmhor) is a bagpipe of Scottish origin. It was spread throughout the world by the British army and bagpipes. Scottish bagpipes appeared mainly in Scotland around 1400 AD, but also before Appeared in the 13th-century artworks of Spain in Europe. The Scottish bagpipes were first applied in a military context. In this context, the famous Highland bagpipes became famous in the British army and achieved a wide range of influences, so that we all can enjoy this Kind of wonderful instrument, while other bagpipe traditions throughout Europe, from Portugal to Russia, throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Although well-known for military and civilian bagpipe bands, the famous Highland bagpipes can also play a variety of modern songs and ancient Qu, ancient music is also called piobaireachd, or pibroch for short.

  • Bagpipe is an ancient folk musical instrument, also known as bag bag. It is said that it originated in the Sumer region of the ancient West Asian river basin and spread to ancient Rome around the 1st century AD. The Roman army invaded Great Britain and introduced it to Scotland. Later became a popular national musical instrument in Europe. It is said that the bagpipe is a difficult instrument to play, and it takes 6 months to practice basic skills alone. Nowadays, whenever people think of bagpipes, people naturally think of Scotland .

As early as the fifteenth century, it appeared in European countries. From this we can see that bagpipes did not originate in Scotland. From Northumbria ( the old kingdom of England ) on the British border, crossing Ireland , Spain, Italy, and especially Eastern European countries like Romania, Czech Republic, and even Svallock, bagpipe culture in these countries has begun very early. In the bagpipe practice chanter chart you can find the best choices now.

  • Actually bagpipes are found all over the world, but why do you remember Scottish bagpipes alone? Because in the minds of the world, the Scottish bagpipe is not a single-finger instrument itself, but it also connects a long history representing the traditional culture of the Scottish Highlands . Legend has it that the bagpipes prevailed among Scottish tribes from the age of Maccrimmons (about him is recorded in a famous ballad, “Maccrimmon’s Lament”). When James II was in office, bagpipes served as a traditional culture between the various tribes of the Highlands and resisted the aggression of foreign cultures. Bagpipes have long become an integral part of Scottish culture. To this day, Scottish Highland bagpipes still play a very important role in society.


Scottish bagpipes have a rough and powerful pronunciation, a bright tone, and various decorative sounds, which are suitable for heroic expression.

When the melodious scotch bagpipes float across the beautiful mountains, everything is still as quiet as ever, and the shepherd’s huts scattered with stars are harmoniously dotted with the green earth.

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