Online casinos and Dominoes

Poker Domino is being a popular game in the physical casinos for years. If a player needed to play Dominoes in the past, he had to run to a nearby land-based casino to gamble with his real money. The people from regions where gambling was restricted would not be able to play the game. But the internet has broken the limitation. The concept of online gambling connected people from around the world into the gambling industry. A Japanese player can play against a USA player, and the dealer can be an Indonesian. So, the limitations due to locations and restrictions have been diminished. However, there are still some restrictions for some regions on online gambling. As the count of players online increased, the sites offering these games also increased. Now, you can find at least a thousand sites offering Domino games. Since it is an easy game to understand and play, many newbie players are preferring this game over the others. So, online casinos are trying to include this game in their game sets. In this article, let us discuss the rules, and gameplay of Domino Poker in brief. 

How should you play Domino Poker?

The objective of the game is to have a best-ranking hand with the five dominoes. There will be a minimum of two players and a maximum of four. After all the players have placed their bets on the pot, the dealer will provide five dominoes to each player. The players will see the dominoes and decide to either continue or exit from the game. If he decides to continue, he should bet, check, or raise. Betting is the action of placing a bet if there is no current bet in the round. Calling and raising are the processes of matching the bet while increasing it in the latter. If the player decides to quit the game, he can choose to fold. He cannot continue with the game anymore. Checking is the process of passing on the turn to the next player. 

Scoring system 

The numbers on the dominoes will decide the ranking of the hand. The ranks of domino pairs from the highest order are listed below.

  • Royal Hand or Invincible – If all the five dominoes are doubles like 2,2; 3,3; 4,4; 5,5; 6,6, 
  • Straight sixes – The hand should have a sequence of numbers along with 6. (1-6, 2-6, 3-6. 4-6, 5-6)
  • Four of a kind – It is a hand of four double dominoes.
  • Straight fives – It is similar to Straight sixes with the replacement of 6 by 5. It will be a sequence of numbers with 5.
  • Full house – It will have three double dominoes.
  • Straight fours – It will have a sequence of numbers with 4 in it.
  • Flush – It will consist of five pairs of the same suit without an order
  • One pair – It is a hand of any two doubles.
  • High card – When nothing of the above is applicable, the winner will be the player with the highest double. 
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