There are different designs or types of wardrobes to organize and accommodate your clothes and other valuables in your bedroom as well as other rooms in your house. Some popular types of wardrobes in the contemporary market are sliding door wardrobes, hinge door wardrobes, L-shaped wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, wardrobes with a mezzanine loft, sloped wardrobes etc. The sliding wardrobes have come over the hinge wardrobes and have been established as classic and modern wardrobes for the contemporary bedrooms. The sliding door wardrobes have a latest and changing pattern of components with non-fussy style and serve best in the bedroom as well as enhance the beauty of the bedroom. Based on its availability of width you can design various features of sliding door wardrobes such as two doors or three or four doors sliding door wardrobes.

Since the sliding door wardrobes take less space to occupy in the bedroom, these types of wardrobes are considered best because of availing adequate space in the bedroom. Eventually, with the sliding door wardrobes, you need not put your efforts like pull-out wardrobe doors on hinges. In fact, this feature of sliding door wardrobe saves maximum space in a bedroom. Different types of sliding systems can be used to make the sliding door in a sliding door system wardrobe. Similarly, you can also use several materials to make the sliding door wardrobes. Another feature which usually is not found in other types of wardrobes is the overhanging loft which is incorporated in a sliding door wardrobe in order to store the large suitcases and big luggage which you use occasionally.

On the other hand, the hinge door wardrobes are the traditional and common wardrobes which people still use. The hinged door wardrobes open with a hinged door and are available in different colours, finishes and textures. The walk-in wardrobes are the latest and popular type of wardrobes everybody dreams to own one. Though the walk-in wardrobes are the most expensive wardrobes they accommodate the maximum clothes and other accessories in the bedroom. Incorporated with luxury and style, the walk-in wardrobes have plenty of storage sections to create a highly organised wardrobe system. The walk-in wardrobe is suitable for fashion-conscious people who have a hobby of latest and stylish dress collection as well as love to use other modern accessories in their day-da-day life. A standard walk-in wardrobe usually has both hanging as well as storage spaces on three sides of the wardrobe.

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