If you are dealing with a temporary or permanent disability that’s preventing you from having a normal work life, you should consider getting benefits of Social Security Disability Insurance. Note that Social Security Disability Insurance is meant for those who have worked in the past and have contributed to the system, and this is not to be confused with Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Working with an experienced Tucson social security disability lawyer can help you get through the claims process without facing a denial. This is one of the many reasons why you definitely need an SSD lawyer. Here’s more on hiring a lawyer and other aspects that matter. 

Reasons to get a lawyer

While things may seem easy on paper, Social Security is a complex system in practice. Sometimes, claims are denied for small reasons, and unless you have enough and relevant medical evidence that can prove your disability and inability to work, you cannot expect to get the desired benefits. An SSD lawyer has the experience and expertise of working with clients who need help with social security, and they will guide you at every step. People with a lawyer are less likely to face rejection of claims, and even if a claim is denied, the lawyer will take over the appeals process and ensure that all necessary deadlines are adhered to. Also, your lawyer is your biggest asset in understanding social security benefits you are entitled to, and they will ensure that you don’t miss out on any aspect of these benefits. 

Finding a lawyer

Not all lawyers have the experience of handling social security claims and appeals, so you need someone who practices in this area. They should have the experience of at least a few years as a social security disability lawyer, and they should be accessible and available to answer your questions. If your application eventually reaches the claims process, they should ensure that all steps are adhered to, besides representing you at the hearing. As a new client, you can ask about the clients they have worked with, get references, and discuss other things that may be relevant for getting social security disability benefits. 

Hiring an attorney is entirely your personal call, but the expertise and understanding they bring to social security disability claims are unparalleled. You can expect them to work extensively to help you with all things, while you are not dealing with the stress. 

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