The divorce process can be lengthy and overwhelming.  But, after it has been finalized, you may just want to relax and start to enjoy the new life without your ex. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of things related to your divorce that you should take care of. Although you and your ex can handle some tasks, Wilmington divorce lawyers will make sure you know how to proceed after your court case is over. This post will walk you through the important things you must do to move forward after your divorce:

Obtain Certified Copies of the Divorce Judgment

You will need to send a certified copy of your divorce judgment, so you can make changes. For instance, you will need this copy if you want to change your name on your Social Security card or passport. You can get this copy for a fee at the county courthouse where you filed your divorce. 

Resolve Your Responsibility for Monetary Award Judgments

If your divorce includes money award judgments such as ongoing payments for child support and spousal support orders. you must fulfill these money judgments and let your ex sign a Satisfaction of Judgment. Other examples of such judgments include one-time settlement payments for investments, debts, or property. The form can be signed with the court and this will let lenders know that you have resolved your responsibility for these judgments. 

Update Your Will

If you and your spouse have a will together, you must re-evaluate what will happen to your possessions, including your debts, when you die. A reliable attorney can help you draft up a new will that can protect your estate. Also, they can help you with your ex when it comes to determining legal guardianship of your children should you both die. This consideration requires you and your ex to cooperate and agree on. 

Perform Real Estate Transfers

If your divorce involves real estate that you have given sole ownership of, transfer the title for this property. Let the individual who gives up ownership of this property sign a Bargain and Sale Deed or a Quit Claim Deed. This depends on whether that property is being purchased by or surrender to the other party. 

Make Necessary Changes to Your Life Insurance Policy

After your divorce, you will want to update your beneficiaries, insurance levels, and marital status. If you are named beneficiary on your ex’s life insurance, you can request to be told about any changes.

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