A leather case used to hold a handgun is known as a holster. These holsters are available in different sizes and materials according to the need. They are also made up of various materials, one of which is leather. Leather is considered one of the best materials to make holsters because of its quality and capability to last longer than any other material. The holster is a very convenient device. It not only allows easy access to the handgun, immediately when required but also keeps it safe in it. there are different types of holsters. They are designed in a particular way that is supposed to be comfortable because, in the end, it is a handgun we are talking of. Design is a must. Not just for show but safety measures as well. There are different types of leather holsters as well.


 Some of the basic holsters that are commonly and widely used are cross-draw holster, ankle holster, bag or purse holster, inside the waistband holster, outside the waistband holster, etc. These different holsters are used depending upon their uses and needs. Some of these can be carried around the waist, some around the ankle, some at the side of the back, etc. Every holster with a handgun in it serves a different purpose. The leather shoulder holster is a case that hangs from the shoulder of the person’s body and comes down to the arm. This way it is worn underneath the coat or jacket. The handgun in this holster is against the body of the shooter. There are customized leather shoulder holsters made too.


As the name suggests, custom leather holsters are leather cases or holsters that are made specially according to the need or demand of the shooter. These pieces are made very thoughtfully into practical and beautiful holsters. These custom pieces take a lot of effort and time to turn out best. The leather holsters are particularly made for different models of handguns and revolvers. For example, a company made a customized leather holster for the Chest Rig Glock 21 10mm extended Barrel. This holster was designed by a company for the owner of the firearm according to the specific needs. The custom leather holsters are customized to fit every gun accordingly, that fits them lie a glove made especially for them.


Some of the customized holsters are famous and are known for their ability to be noiseless. When the gun is drawn out of the holster, it makes no noise and that counts as an attractive quality. Not only this, but they also form themselves closely around the firearm to protect it and keep it safe.


Different companies use different raw materials to customize these holsters. Some of them use animals or animal skin like a crocodile, ostrich leg, shark, stingray, etc.; whereas some of them use vegetable tan, different types of trees and plants, etc. The customized leather holsters are modified very effectively, with high quality to ensure durability and extra safety. So, who wouldn’t want a customized leather holster that comes with so many advantages?


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