What is an online file converter? An online file converter lets you convert media files easily from one format to the other. This helps you in uploading media files of different formats and getting them converted into your desired format. It serves as a tool to create easy access by converting documents and media files online rather than having to download the software and then getting them converter. 

Review of 3 best online file converters


AnyConv is an exceptional tool for converting data online. It is 100% free and lets you convert all your images, eBooks, documents, archives, and fonts in the simplest way possible with just one click. Furthermore, it is super-efficient since it allows 60 files to be converted within an hour where the file size is limited to 50MB.


Convertio is well-known to be one of the finest file converters offering more than 25600 different file conversions. It is super-fast converting files in 1-2 minutes and guaranteeing security by removing uploaded files immediately and converted files after 24 hours. To add on, it is supported by all devices where users do not have to take the headache of downloading the application or software before using it.


FreeFileConvert is a tool that supports holistic domains incorporating 8736 file formats. These formates include a combination of audio, video, image, vector, eBook, CAD, font, and presentation converters. It lets you convert all files free of cost while being online and not having to download separately.

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