While love is spitting into your soul, try it on its ring and remember this position or circle it with a ballpoint pen for reliability. Coming to the jewelry store, with the help of a ring meter, you can find out the exact size of the Moissanite Rings for a woman. All questions about the appearance of this unusual line are elegantly translated into a description of the last football match.

Lovely girls

Of course, you have come up with these simple methods for your loved ones, if not you, then the mothers, the sisters of your chosen ones. Thank you for being so artistic every time you show a sincere, sincere surprise when you receive an “unexpected” gift an engagement ring. You are pretty!

If no technique is appropriate, and you are sure you will not succeed as a spy, take a sleeping pill, give it to your soulmate, and while the dream sleeps, wrap a narrow strip of paper around the ring finger of the victim’s loved one. Mark the junction of the two ends of the tape. The exact size of the ring is ready.

Which affects the price of the ring?

In this exciting quest, we have already reached the point where we know which ring we want to present to our halves and which size. There remain very few questions to be clarified: how much money we want to pay for a testimony of our boundless love, devotion, and respect.

The cost of the ring consists of several parameters:

A type of precious metal

  • Silver is the most favorable option
  • Gold of different types in the middle price category (white, pink, yellow)
  • Platinum is the most expensive on the list
  • Metallic palladium and nickel are added only to yellow gold, which gives it light aristocratic shades.
  • Silver is (rarely) added to copper, nickel or platinum to make the metal harder, more durable. Pure silver is quite soft in composition; products made from it are subject to mechanical damage.
  • Rhodium is a durable platinum metal, which is used for spraying, which helps preserve the look of jewelry for as long as possible.
  • Rings made of combined metals are very stylish, beautiful, and not formal.

Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Style Guide

Precious, semi-precious stones

In this case, you can always turn to the best girls (diamonds) and friends (sapphires, emeralds, rubies, pearl, etc.). This group has its own weighting system: carat = 0.2 grams and, along with color, clarity and cut, is a regulator of the value of the stone and, as a result, the ring in which it is used.

Semi-precious stones garnets, tourmalines, topazes, zircons, amethysts, quartz are more often used to create a composition with precious stones, reducing the cost of the ring.

Artificial stones cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, an analogue of moissanite (carborundum) provide more room for imagination, performing both solo and in an ensemble with older precious “brothers”. By the way, moissanite, even in its artificial origin, has better refractive characteristics of light, which makes it more radiant than diamond. It is impossible to predict the price of an engagement ring with different stones; sometimes a piece of jewelry with a single diamond is cheaper than a designer composition with moissanite and scattering of small diamonds.

Shape, design of rings

The parameter is quite controversial, as there is no sustainable fashion in the world of jewelry, except for the classics it will not give way to any new trend. If, of course, we are not talking about well-known series of brands such as Pandora, Cartier, Tiffany or models designed according to an individual sketch. Instead, the value is influenced by the authority of the brand this is a guarantee of the highest quality jewelry, high style, as well as the ability to leave the rings to offspring in almost perfect condition (it’s up to you). But the unusual design is very beautiful.

Types of engagement rings

Good old flash mob. Call all your friends, practice; don’t try to roll a little 5 grams for courage. Offer anywhere: on the street, in a store, at an exhibition, at the airport (just inform the management) choose the most unexpected place for it.

How to wear an engagement ring

With pleasure even if you have given up starting a family with this person. For starters, it’s not final yet, and according to silent statistics, 80% of brides change their minds within 2 weeks of proposing. But if consent is obtained, there is no need to immediately remove the ring and hide it in a secret box. Of course, unless you’re introduced to designer ring and you are not Kim Kardashian. Then remember that big diamonds and jeans aren’t a very good tone at the same time, so consider why and with what you can wear a gift engagement ring.

Remember the difference: an engagement ring with a small diamond one piece is an everyday accessory. An engagement ring will be added soon. A diamond ring is an evening accessory and should be worn on special occasions and with a matching wardrobe. Theater family evening in a restaurant, vacation of relatives and friends, is quiet romantic evening together at home.

You should not wear a luxury ring to work study or go to the store. Diamond rings do not need additional jewelry; putting it on the whole box at once is also not worth it. There was also some confusion about which hands to wear the engagement ring. How you wear the ring after the engagement is a matter of practicality and habit.

On the list of the most expensive rings, jewelry worth one million 350 thousand dollars is only in 11th place. Somewhere in the middle of the list is a ring by the beautiful Beyoncé, who adopted it from rapper Jay-Za. What can you say, the girl has great taste! The ring is adorned with a flawless 18 carat diamond. The one who created this beauty (we’re talking about the ring, though Beyoncé is also gorgeous) was the same Lorraine Schwartz, whose products were sold all over the stellar crowd in North America. Hollywood’s hands are in Schwartz’s diamonds, and Schwartz himself is hopelessly stuck in Hollywood’s hands. Yes, for Kim Kardashian he also did a wonderful job, worth $ 8 million.

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