When we talk about South movies these days, we think of engaging and entertaining films. The movies are gaining heights with good acting performances and are family-friendly. Everyone enjoys these Telugu films without getting uncomfortable. Also, the comedy included in the movies of this industry has perfect comic timing that the audience loves. The industry is also famous for movies that give a message to societies. Such movies are Krack and mail. These two movies have gained a lot of popularity among people.

Mail got released on 12th January 2021. UdayGurrala is the director, writer and has also looked after the cinematography of the film. However, ShyamDupati has also looked after the cinematography of this film. Priyadarshi as Hybath and HarshitMalgireddy as Ravi are the lead characters of this film. The movie mail is the first part of the film series that got produced by the Aha channel. The movie is 116 long and engaging to the viewers. The story of this film revolves around the time when computers or laptops did not get introduced much. It will take the viewers back to time and remind them of their lives before these modern technologies came into existence. People who came to know about these technologies used them and earned money from them. The village scenes shown in the movie will show the beauty of nature and simplicity.

Krack got released on 9th January 2021. Gopichand Malineni is the writer and director of this film. Also, Sai Madhav Burra has written the contents and dialogues of this film. Ravi Teja as CI PotharajuVeeraShanker, Shruti Hassan as Kalyani, VaralaxmiSarathkumar as Jayamma, and Samuthirakani as Katari Krishna are the lead characters of this film. G. K. Vishnu is the cinematographer of this film. The film Krack is the best known mass entertainment movie. The movie has perfect action and thriller scenes to entertain the viewers. Even the actress in this movie is performing action scenes. It made the audience clap and hoot for the film. The dark scenes in this movie are beyond praise because of the action scenes.

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