Getting the perfect travel coffee mug may seem like a trivial matter however it isn’t. Before investing the amount in your travel coffee mug, you should consider all the aspects before making the right choice. The right choice will help you in using this mug for a long time rather than throwing out in the trash after just a couple of week’s use. Are you a coffee lover and always on the go, then Namshi is the perfect place to shop for the travel coffee mug. With the wide variety of different designs and customization, you will find many to your liking. Make sure to use the Namshi code to avail some amazing discounts on all the travel coffee mugs you like.

Consider the Place

The first thing to consider when getting your hands on the travel coffee mug is whether you are taking it to your workplace or is it just for use in the car while picking or dropping someone in the morning. With these considerations, you may be able to pick the perfect mug with a wider base so that it doesn’t topple on your desk or a mug with a base that fits your car coffee holder perfectly. Certain car holders have the standard travel mug holder, and if you have a travel mug with a handle, then that would not fit on your vehicle’s holder, hence you have to make sure you get the standard one. Namshi has a wide variety of such standard-sized travel mugs without any handles. You will find a wide variety with a lot of graphics and other types of design on it. Use the Namshi code to get these mugs at a reasonable price.

The Size and Heat Stored

The second thing to consider when getting your travel mug is its size in ounces, how much coffee can get in it? This thing is dependent upon how much coffee you consume in the morning, is it the regular quantity or the large? You can select the travel mug according to the ounces of coffee you drink, just make sure that it doesn’t get heavy, travel coffee mugs is all about handling it with convenience without having to worry about spills when on the go. The next thing to consider is the heat. How do you like your coffee? If you like boiling hot coffee then gets the double insulated mug and if not then get a singular insulated mug. Use the Namshi code and get your preferred travel coffee at a steal price.

The Top of Your Mug

The last thing to consider is the top of your travel coffee mug, the lid. Do you like to sip on your coffee or chunk down the big gulps? If you are a sipper then get your hands on the one with small lid openings, make sure these lids are tightly closed so that your coffee doesn’t splash when on the move. Namshi has a wide variety of closed lids coffee mugs at an amazing price with the use of the Namshi code.

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