A sizeable number of auto accidents, crashes, and collisions are reported in Arizona every year. Arizona is an at-fault state. If you were injured in a car accident in Tucson because of someone’s neglect and disregard for safety, you may have a valid personal injury lawsuit. At a time when you are recovering from injuries and dealing with financial concerns, you may not understand what’s right for you. That’s exactly where a skilled Tucson auto accident attorney can help. In this post, we are sharing more on why you need an attorney, besides other aspects related to Arizona car accident laws.  

When hiring an accident attorney is a must

Arizona is a “pure comparative fault” state. If a driver had a share of blame in the accident but suffered extensive losses too, they can file a lawsuit against the other at-fault driver. However, as per the “pure comparative fault” rule, their share of compensation will be reduced by their percentage of fault. Unlike the modified comparative fault rule followed in other states, you can file a lawsuit in Arizona, even if your share of fault is more than 50%. 

You should definitely consider hiring an accident attorney, if – 

  1. You were partly at fault for the accident
  2. You suffered serious and debilitating injuries
  3. You aren’t sure what or who caused the accident
  4. You have suffered massive financial losses
  5. You don’t know how to take the case ahead

Dealing with insurance companies

One of the key reasons why you need an accident attorney is to deal with the at-fault party’s insurer. The claims adjuster may rush you into accepting an offer, but that amount will be typically way less than what you deserve. A skilled personal injury lawyer can file the claim, deal with the claims adjuster, and negotiate on your behalf. Sometimes, when a client has suffered enormous losses, an accident lawsuit in a civil court may be necessary. If you have an accident attorney by your side, you don’t have to worry about legal formalities and procedures. 

Schedule a free consultation

Most accident attorneys in Tucson work on a contingency basis for such lawsuits. The contingency fee is usually no more than 40% of the final settlement. Also, the first meeting with an attorney to discuss your car accident doesn’t have to cost anything. At the least, meet a top attorney in person, so that you know your claim’s worth and what to expect from the case. 

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