When you come across a person who is highly organized and keeps everything in perfect order, you are simply in awe of that person. Fret not! There is no secret to being an organized person. Just follow the habit of inculcating some good routine into your daily regime and you are good to go. In this article, Matthew Davies examines a few important habits of super-organized people. They are listed below:

The Habits

  1. The Habit of making a note of everything – The first and foremost step to being organized is to make short and crisp notes of things to do. It is difficult to remember each and everything, however big or small. You can take the help of Google Calendar or any other planner to keep things in order. This habit would help you to declutter your mind and keep your mental health strong. You may also tend to get more creative and be open to trying new challenges.
  1. The Habit of having a designated place for everything – Most people have the habit of keeping their things randomly organized on the pretext of either being busy or tired to do any more work. Organized people never do that. They don’t mind taking out a few extra seconds to arrange things back in their place after using them. However small space they may have, they make a place for each and everything at home. You may be surprised to see that with this habit you save so much time and energy. It can also create a sense of positivity in your mindset too. 
  1. The Habit of following a routine – It is very important for you to make a daily routine of how you are going to spend your entire day if you want to get organized. No matter how small a work may be, having a routine creates a pattern and proves quite effective for your time management. To start with, you can allot ten minutes for daily tasks and so on.
  1. The Habit of not delaying your work – When you try to become organized, remember not to put off any work in your routine to the next day or week or till you have time. There is no tomorrow. Organized people never put off their work. They do their work at the same time when it was supposed to be done. The feeling of no leftover work can bring in peace of mind and the opportunity to include new work in your daily schedule. 
  1. The Habit of learning to de-stress – Organized people know the importance of de-stressing themselves on a daily basis. You must learn how to unwind too. You may like to cook, run, take a hot bath, or read a book to refresh your mind completely. If you cannot learn to relax, it can affect your health negatively and stop you from being organized.


According to Matthew Davies, incorporating these habits into your daily life is not easy. However, if you can do so it would change your life for the better.

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