Designing a small kitchen may seem like a challenge, but some important small kitchen design ideas and information can help you with this task. When the kitchen environment is small, it is necessary to develop practical and creative solutions. Thus, it is possible to have a small kitchen that is not only functional, but beautiful and cozy.

How to design a well-lit small kitchen?

Lighting is crucial in the small kitchen, in terms of functionality and space. Dark lit kitchens look smaller than they really are. The tip is to use light bulbs with warmer colors and avoid white and cold bulbs. Arrange the lighting points according to space. Don’t forget to add LED strips to custom cabinets, niches and shelves.

How to choose home appliances?

A very common mistake when thinking about how to design a small kitchen is choosing appliances that are too big. The refrigerator takes up the most space. Therefore, it must have a size proportional to the area of ​​this environment. Be careful with the depth, which can greatly reduce the passage. Look for models that make good use of the internal space. Another question is the choice between stove or cook top plus electric oven. Just be careful to position the microwave at a height that is at eye level to avoid accidents with hot dishes.

How to choose small kitchen colors?

Bright kitchens add to the feeling of space. In this sense, you can apply white or light cream wall color. Use white on countertops, joinery and walls. For the floor, prefer medium tone coatings, such as gray, and preferably mixed, which hide more dirt. Colorful cabinets and shelves are infallible solutions for storing dishes, pans, glasses, small appliances and even food. Don’t apply dark colors on the floors.

Small kitchen using long countertops

Countertops are a determining factor when thinking about how to design a small kitchen. The longer they are, the greater the feeling of space in the environment. So, bet on a single bench advancing to the service area. This piece will have the tub and the tank built in, and can be separated in the two environments by glass or wooden partitions. Another important point is the material chosen for the countertops.

Kitchen integrated into the social area

A current and modern way to enlarge the kitchen is to integrate it with the living room or balcony. The integration of environments is the best solution for making small spaces look bigger. The use of countertops to separate these environments brings practicality and functionality to everyday life.

This integration makes the house more welcoming to receive, because it is possible to socialize with guests and family while working or cooking. In the modern decor, the cabinets with doors were replaced by drawers, which accommodate food and pans and allow a better view of everything that is stored.


If you have a small kitchen and are thinking of making it more practical and beautiful, it is likely that you will find good tips in the selection of projects that we just mentioned. These environments prove that having little space is not synonymous with clutter. Take help of Foyr Neo interior design software and design the interior of your house or office just as you want.

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