If you are a true Desi Girl at heart then we are pretty sure that you borrow some of your style ideas from none other than our very own Bollywood. Be it some fashion trends or some super cool styles, Bollywood has it all sorted for us. So, today we have taken up the noble and the amazing duty of curating some of the most beautiful and iconic brown & burgundy hair color looks for you. Look both classy and massy in these and serve some jaw-dropping hot looks. Let’s get rolling.

  1. Aishwarya’s favorite Burgundy hair color:

If you’re about to color your hair for the first time and you have black hair naturally, you must go for the classy Burgundy hair color. It can suit any Indian skin tone and define it better. Moreover, since this in itself is a dark shade, it doesn’t show any drastic difference in your look. To put it simply, this color just adds volume and definition to your hair which will make you look more edgy and elegant. And if you’re still not convinced about the idea of a good burgundy hair color makeover, then you must refer to the beauty incarnate of India- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She has proved this time and again that Burgundy hair color is her favorite and she has been spotted sporting this look more than any other hair color. Jacqueline Fernandes has been flaunting the same hair color on her outstanding layers in Judwaa 2 on-screen. If they can rock this hair color, then why can’t you?!

  1. Anushka & Bebo’s playful shades of auburn ombre:

If you don’t wanna jump on to the burgundy hair color then you can go for auburn and light brown or gold ombre playful shades. This is one of the favored color choices of none other than our Begum of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and of course the most fashionable doting mom of the time Anushka Sharma. They have both donned several shades of warm tones like the ones that bring out your tan well. Quite a few times on-screen and even in huge events. Ombre adds a more coming-of-age look to this color choice and makes you look like one hell of a confident woman. Just rewind to the time when Anushka looked gorgeous with her lovely curls in Ae Dil Hain Mushkil.

  1. PC and her strong dark brown game:

If you are not very much into red or burgundy hair color then you can definitely try out Desi girl Priyanka’s staple dark brown look. If you belong to the cool tone family then this is the best pick for you any day. Hair colors don’t have to be quintessentially loud to make a statement and that’s what this color proves. Go for this hair color, this adds a lot of depth to your hair and makes it shine like never before.

  1. Get Jahnvi Kapoor’s Gen-Z ashy brown highlights:

If you’re a Gen-Z fashion quotient person, then you must try the Jahnvi Kapoor ashy brown highlights. She sported the highlights on-screen in her famous movie Roohi and got the hair stylists’ attention in the country. You can recreate this look any day if you’re fond of the basic natural browns and burgundy hair colors. Get some highlights done in this tone and flaunt your neutral uber-cool hair look. Not many know about the beauty of this hair color option and that is why we are here to enlighten you.

  1. Chestnut Brown locks and golden highlights from Alia in Kalank:

None of us can probably deny how stunning Alia looked in every frame of the otherwise bland movie Kalank. That stunning screen presence of hers had a lot to do with her chestnut brown locks and golden highlights. If you’re really fair and you happen to flush a lot then chestnut brown is one of the best options that you can avail to add some golden hue to your look. Add some gold or caramel highlights to seal the deal and make your hair look even fuller.

  1. PC’s burgundy accents on jet black hair:

We keep forgetting the royal combination of burgundy and black and the kind of power it actually has. Well, our Desi girl has gotten it right even this time for us. With an entirely Desi Jet Black hair, PC only opted for burgundy accents all over her hair length sporadically to make it look more fashionable and iconic. Check out her looks in her world-famous number Exotic and you shall know where we borrowed this idea from. A good black and burgundy ombre can also go a really long way but nothing beats burgundy accents in black hair.

  1. Bebo’s chocolate brown natural look:

Bebo flaunted her all-neutral natural all-brown hair look in Veere Di Wedding like a real star. Much like Kareena who can practically pull off anything and everything with grace, you can give this natural brown hair color a shot too. If you’re having premature growth of grey hair, then this color can add dimension and volume to the entire look of your hair. Moreover, this is a versatile hair color that almost anyone can pretty much opt for. Get this look with the Godrej Expert Rich Creme hair color in the comfort of your home any day.

  1. DP’s dramatic dark brown hair with caramel balayage:

If you want to create an all-out-there look and create a statement that it is true to Bollywood’s dramatic roots, you must recreate something that Deepika has been doing religiously with her hair, ever since Cocktail. We’re sure that you’ve seen her caramel or gold balayage highlights and how prominent they are. But, what you must have missed out on is why are they glowing so much? Well, the secret lies in her dark brown global hair color that allows the gold’s and the blondes and the light caramel blondes to shine out the way they do. If you’re more into wavy, flowy Bollywood hair, then you must get this done to enhance the beauty and the drama in your hair and let it down and own it like our true B-town queen- Deepika.

Those are some of the hottest and iconic looks served by our B-town queens that you can replicate any day and dazzle bright. These brown and burgundy hair colors are sure to add texture and glamor to your hair which is finally going to contribute to your ultimate style statement. Wear your hair color with pride and be the coolest in your town.




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