Discrimination can be seen at any place, whether it is school, college, or workplace. And the most common thing to discriminate against a person is based on race, gender, religion, disability, gender, etc. But, in this article, we will discuss discrimination at the workplace i.e. the employment discrimination. 

Employment discrimination can be defined as the mistreating or discrimination of fellow employees based on their race, religion, gender, etc. But, this type of discrimination isn’t legal in today’s society, and hence, to protect the person undergoing discrimination at the workplace, several laws have been implemented by now. 

A person who faces unusual treatment at the workplace can opt for Long island employment discrimination attorneys to register a complaint. But, before filing a complaint, you should be properly aware of the actions that fall under employment discrimination. 

Types Of Employment Discrimination 

  • Age:

As the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) states, anyone who discriminates against an employee above the age of 40 is illegal. Whereas, in some places, there are laws for young employees too. 

  • Disability:

Discriminating a person based on his/her disability is illegal everywhere. Similarly in the workplace, this discrimination is not allowed. 

  • Equal Pay:

As per Equal Pay Act, men and women should be paid equally for the same position/designation at the workplace. 

  • National Origin:

A common type of discrimination is seen at the workplace, in which employees from other countries are treated unfairly. 

  • Pregnancy

According to Pregnancy Discrimination Act, discrimination acts like firing, job assignment, demotion, or promotion in the job against a pregnant woman will be considered illegal. 

  • Race

If you are facing any sort of discrimination at your workplace for your race or skin color, then you can go for Long island employment discrimination attorneys to file a case. Race discrimination will also be considered if someone discriminates against a person as he/she has married someone of a certain race or skin color. 

  • Religious:

If an employee discriminates against a fellow employee due to his/her religious beliefs, then this will be termed as religious discrimination. This type of discrimination can be usually seen at a workplace, but it is not legal to do so. 


Employee discrimination has always been an illegal act as no one deserves unfair treatment in this world. All of us are equal and have equal potential to benefit the world. Hence, discrimination against anyone at the workplace is a crime, and different laws have been put forward to restrict this which we should be aware of.

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