To find the value in a foot bet at sbobet88, you have to do some pre-match analysis. When you research a team and the available fixtures, you will be able to make a judgement over the way you think that a particular game is going to turn out.  

If you can get an opportunity in in-play, you need to be able to judge if the bet is logical and in the process, profitable. When betting, you will need to remove all the emotions that you might be having, have a level head, and try not to allow any bias to cloud how you are going to judge the bet. 

There are four major things you will need to consider when analyzing a fixture. 

  • The current form
  • Fitness and suspensions
  • Attacking and defensive stats
  • Incentive win

Current form

It is necessary that you don’t only look at the wins the team has made, losses or draws in the recent past, but also at the team’s quality which they faced in the games as well. It would be best if you even looked out for any result that is strange and tries to find out why it happened that way. Was it a one-off, or will the same reason affect the coming game?

Attacking and defensive stats

The team can be in great shape on paper, but you will need to do the stats so that you can back up the claim. It is possible for a team to win two matches consecutively but only get one short and be at the possession of about 20% making it lucky.

Utilize sites like Soccerway and WhoScored to look at the variety of chances that the team concedes and creates on average on reinforcing your decisions together with being able to analyze how they end up creating chances.

Are they 

  • Are chances being created or they are conceding most often?
  • Are they scoring or conceding regularly?

You will have to initially need to learn the weaknesses and strengths of teams in individual leagues. There are teams which tend to be prolific in front of goal, while others tend to rely on a strong defense. It is effortless to find these types of stats. 

It might take some time into the season to be able to get the necessary data for analysis. Still, it would be best if you did not stop from referencing from previous seasons as long as they maintain the same manager and there have been no significant transfers.

The stats which are hard to find are the team’s style of play that they prefer when playing against or which they struggle against. But it is possible to get such stats on WhoScored.  If you are aware that a team tends to struggle when playing the pacey sides, or when they are facing physical sides, but it is not being reflected in the market, it could be that you have spotted a value and you should utilize in your football betting to earn some money in the process.

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