The importance of pain killers is high on demand. In the battlefield, to surpass the pain of patients and others. There are so many pain killers like morphine are available in the list of quick pain suppressor. Some of them are synthetic and some are natural. But medical science always advised us not to take too much pain killer in a row due to its side effects. This is why using a natural pain killer like Palmitoylethanolamide at or PEA is very safe. 

What is Palmitoylethanolamide or PEA?

The molecules of Palmitoylethanolamide are available in the body of all living things, especially in the Animalia kingdom. It can also be found on several trees. Our Body is not an exception though. Our body also continuously providing this molecule to needy places like internal injuries, hemorrhage, etc. The common food which we take as our meal like meat, peanuts, soya beans, latus, the yolk of an egg and so many to mention. After doing a lot of experiments, Dr. Levi Montalcini had successfully invented this medicine. 

He received Nobel prize for his contribution at the time of World war. He invented this molecules from yolk of eggs. The test proved that this molecule can be used as the treatment of chronic disorders, infections and highly valuable to suppress the pain. After his inventions, it has passed through several tests to improve the time range of suppressing pain and by using modern technology several Changes had done also. This natural painkiller has grown up too much stronger than before. 

How does It work on Our Body?

Our body is constantly producing several fatty acids and PEA is one of them. Along with chronic disorders, it also takes care of inflammation and several cellular functions. Through the experiments, several other characteristics of PEA molecules have come to our vision. Those are neuroprotective, anti-convulsant and so many. Actually, this medicine is a compliment for those who are unable to produce PEA in their body to heal. It works on the nerves which are injured. 

The pain which is intolerable for us like posttherapy neuralgia, vaginal pain, back surgery pain, osteoarthritis, sciatic pain, and low back pain can be cured by PEA. The peripheral neuro therapies like chemotherapy, carpal tunnel, Diabetes are some of the disorders in which pain can be suppressed for a long time. These oral capsules are generally preferred by the doctors. Maximum 2 to 3 capsules are advised to take in an emergency per month.

Sometimes these doses are also used in operation theater to keep the safety of the patient. In emergency situations, these medicines can help a lot. The list of good things and benefits are huge. But when it comes to side effects like Pterostilbene at , there is none. First of all, this is a natural pain killer and the ingredients used in it are purely biomolecules. 

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