When it comes down to choosing the most suitable hose for your application, it is important you read up on your options so that you make the correct choice. One of the most versatile types of hose is the stainless steel braided industrial hose.

Stainless steel hose assemblies are often referred to as corrugated or flexible metal hose. This article will help with any questions you may have about them.

Why is a stainless steel braided hose so versatile?


Stainless steel braided hoses have a very flexible bend radius – making it fit many different machines and applications across a wide range of industries.

How is a stainless steel braided hose formed?


The inner tube of this type of hose is made up of a stainless steel sheet, rolled into a tube, and the seam welded shut. Following this, corrugations are then formed along the tube, which provides the hose with its flexibility.

A braid made from stainless steel is then woven over the exterior of the tube, providing the hose with its all-important strength and resistance to pressure.

What sizes are stainless steel braided hoses available in?


You can find stainless steel braided hoses in any sizes ranging from a 6mm diameter to a 300mm diameter – showing further how it is so versatile and a solution to a wide range of applications.

Can stainless steel braided hoses withstand extreme temperatures and chemicals?


Stainless steel hoses are resistant to a wide range of temperatures, from exceptionally low to the extremely high. They are also resistant to many different chemicals, especially when you compare them to other solutions such as rubber and PVC hoses.

How do stainless steel braided hoses help with vibrations?


Stainless steel braided hoses can actually help with shock and vibrations due to how they are flexible – this property dissipates the vibrations. For example in a pipeline, when there is no room to add a pipe expansion joint, convolutions of stainless steel braided hose may be used to help with stress on the pipes.

Are stainless steel braided hoses safe and fire-resistant?


Yes. Stainless steel braided hose pretty much eliminates any risk for catastrophic failures due to the hose. Because of its metal construction, it is very suitable and safe when within a fire system.

How long do stainless steel braided hoses last?


Stainless steel braided hoses have a very long life expectancy, if they are used correctly, they should be able to last the lifetime of the machine they are working with. Also, they require little to no maintenance over this period.

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