Phalloplasty, as well as metoidioplasty, are two methods that entail the building and construction of a neopenis.

Scrotoplasty may be done with either surgery, which modifies the major labia into a scrotum. Testicular implants typically call for waiting on a follow-up surgery.

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  • Metoidioplasty

Metoidioplasty is a much easier and quicker procedure than phalloplasty. In this procedure, the clitoris, currently elongated to 3-8 centimeters by HRT (hormonal replacement therapy), is released from tissues from surrounding and repositioned to match the positioning of a penis.

You may additionally choose to do a urethral lengthening with your metoidioplasty, additionally known as a full metoidioplasty.

This method uses contributor tissue from the cheek or from the vaginal area to link the urethra to the new neopenis enabling you to pee while standing.

You may likewise seek a Centurion treatment, wherein the tendons below the major labia are rearranged to include girth to the neopenis. Removal of the vagina might be executed at this time, depending on your objectives.

After these procedures, the neopenis might or may not keep an erection by itself and is not likely to offer purposeful penetrative sex.

  • Phalloplasty

Phalloplasty entails utilizing a skin graft to lengthen the neopenis to 5-8 inches. The typical benefactor sites for the skin graft are the forearm, thigh, abdomen, as well as upper back.

There are benefits and drawbacks per donor site. The forearm and thigh skin has one of the most possible for sexual experience after surgery. However, the back mark often tends to be the least visible and permits additional penis length.

The abdominal area and thigh flaps continue to be linked to the body throughout the surgical treatment.

The forearm, as well as back sites, is “cost-free flaps” that must be removed as well as reconnected through microsurgery.

The urethra is likewise extended using contributor cells from the same site. A penile implant might be placed in a follow-up surgical treatment, offering the ability to maintain a complete erection ideal for penetrative sex.

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