If you have filed a claim against an insurance company for the injuries you sustained in a car accident, they may reach out to you right away to try to settle it. You may want to accept the offer. However, settling early will leave you dealing with some issues down the road. You would never know if you still have injuries that have not shown symptoms yet. So, before you accept an offer from an insurer, speak with one of the best car accident attorneys Los Angeles first. A great attorney will provide a free consultation to review your claim and answer whatever questions you may have in mind.

What Do Insurance Companies Aim for?

Insurance providers want to minimize their losses by devaluing your injury claim. One of the common strategies they will use is to offer a settlement as quickly as possible. This way, you won’t have the time to consult a lawyer who will educate you on the true value of your claim. Insurance companies know you have expenses piling up and you cannot go to work, so you can be desperate for money. They may send out seemingly friendly representatives who will claim they wish to help you get money quickly.  

What’s Wrong with Settling Early?

When you accept a settlement offer early, this can harm your claim. While you get treatment for your injuries and recover from them, you may still know the true extent of your damages. Thus, an early settlement offer from an insurance company would not reflect the full amount of compensation you may need to make a full recovery. Often, accepting a settlement offer means waiving your right to seek additional compensation or file a lawsuit against the insurance company later. 

Following a car crash, your injuries may not appear right away. Usually, adrenaline will mask your symptoms and you may have injuries that will show symptoms days or weeks after the crash. Over time, your doctor may find out that you have other injuries that your initial medical examination was not able to detect. 

The true extent of your injuries may not be clear days after the accident. Once you complete your treatment is completed, your doctor and lawyer can better determine your future care needs.  Also, your injury lawyer can assess the impact of your injuries on your ability to work and quality of life. They will use their assessments in determining the amount you truly deserve to receive. 

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