Electric cars have been around on the automotive market for just over a decade now, and when they were first brought out, the number of drawbacks that they had compared to fuel alternatives was virtually endless. However, as technology has advanced, so have electric cars and we are now seeing more and more EV vehicles on the road due to the benefits that they are now able to offer to the consumer, and we’ll list the top three reasons why you should be at least thinking about purchasing an electric car.

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The main reasons why you should be thinking about purchasing an electric car is because they can save you a considerable amount of money compared to fuel alternative cars. The average cost in which it costs to charge your electric car fully is approximately 20% of what it costs you to fill up a petrol or diesel car due to the expensive fuel rates. Not only that, but when electric cars were first released onto the market, they weren’t able to deliver the milage that fuel cars were able to, but as said previously, technology has now advanced, and we can now see performance of electric cars in the similar range of milage if not better than fuel cars.

Furthermore, another great reason why you should be thinking of purchasing an electric car is because you are then doing your bit for the environment. If you own a fuel car, you are having to burn fossil fuels to power your car which is harmful for the world’s atmosphere, whereas powering your car by electric isn’t burning any fuels and so you are reducing your own personal carbon footprint. If everyone owned an electric car, which we believe will happen in our lifetime, then the world would be a better place. 

And finally, the safety behind electric cars now is certainly more advanced than that of fuel alternatives due to the electric options that it offers. Some companies like Tesla have safety features in the car in which you can personalise to yourself which will certainly improve the safety of the car. 

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