Below are the situs online judi poker tips for advanced players about the game of poker. Want to bring the tips in a fun, interactive and exciting way in practice, you can look at our poker workshops or even an organized tournament.

View the characteristics of the players at the poker table

If there are many players in the hand each hand, this means that the game is ‘loose’. In other words, the players at the table play (too) many hands, which reduce the value of their average hand. This means that the best strategy is to play tight versus the rest of the table. So you often get paid if you have a nice hand and you do not face difficult decisions with mediocre hands. Conversely, this also means that when the table is ‘tight’, you can loosen up and bluff a bit more.

Your position is very important

The importance of position is often underestimated in poker. It is a great advantage if you can say what you are going to do last. Therefore, you have to play more hands in position (when you are on the button or right after the button) and play fewer hands out of position (when you are in the blind or just before).

The positions at the table can be divided into 3 different categories: early position, middle position and late position. If you take this into account, you can only play top hands in early position, top hands + sub-hands in middle position and top hands + sub-hands + occasional mediocre hands in late position. If you want more information about concrete starting hands, I advise you to read an article about it.

Of course it also depends on your opponents which hands you can play in which position.

The size of your bets (betsizing)

The size of your bet determines the amount of chips you win or lose. Ideally, you want to maximize your profit and minimize your loss. You can achieve this by thinking carefully about the size of your bets.

Important to remember when determining your bet is the relative ratio to the pot. There is little point in making a bet of 25 when there is 1000 in the pot, few opponents will fold their cards. In addition, you also earn very little if you have the winning hand.

Before the flop, a standard raise is about 3 times the size of the big blind. Thus, you raise enough to deter players with moderate hands and get enough money in the pot if players decide to call. The ideal height of a raise also depends on the type of opponents you are sitting at the poker table with.


In addition, the size of your bet should depend on the odds your opponent has. If you expect him to be on a flush draw, you don’t want to give him the right odds to call. So you want to bet (proportionally) more than his percentage to get the right card.


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