Buying gold is a good way to invest your money, but if you have a large stash of gold or have a couple of bars or gold coins, you cannot store them in your closet. Storage and security should be a priority for you. If you cannot secure your gold it might be better to sell gold rather than have to worry about keeping it and your own family safe from thieves and criminals.

The first thing you need to take care of is basic home security. You don’t need to arm your home or turn it into a fortress. Sometimes securing your home means being practical.

Practical security measures include:

  • Locking your doors and windows at all times.
  • This might sound as an obvious and simple thing to do, but you would be amazed how easy burglars can just walk into your front door and take your precious things.
  • Installing motion detection outdoor lights can dissuade burglars
  • Installing deadbolt locks on your doors.
  • Secure your windows from outside by planting thorn bushes outside your windows.
  • Installing a security system or contracting a security company with off site monitoring and tactical response.
  • Installing cameras that you can monitor off site or on your phone
  • Get a dog. Dogs can guard your house and discourage intruders. They can also alert you when there is someone trying to break into your house.
  • Look at your doors. Are they easy to break through? If you can just kick a door down, then you should consider hardening the door and installing burglar bars.
  • Harden your windows to make them difficult to break through. There are a few things you can do to harden your windows. Security shutters for windows are available for application both inside and outside.
  • Install a security film over your glass windows. This will make it harder to crack or break a home window kind of like car safety glasses.
  • You need a safe to put your valuables in. Purchase a really good one not those typical safes that you can buy at any big box shop. Talk to an expert to recommend a good safe. When you do buy one find a place to hide it that is not so obvious.
  • Keep the location of your safe and the opening sequence a secret. Share the secret with the people who are closest to you, people you trust not to give away your secrets to others.
  • You can get a safety deposit box at your bank but most banks will not allow you to keep precious metals like gold in a safety deposit box. You will be doing so at your own risk. If the bank should ever be lost or your safety box raided without your knowledge, the bank will not assume any liability for the items that are stolen.

If the question of security frustrates you or sounds like too much trouble, then you should rather sell gold items to a gold buyer and invest that money in something else. Keep the amount of gold you can secure. Just enough of it so you have access when you need liquid cash. Jewellery is always asafe bet, coins are also small enough to stash in your home for easy access when you need cash quickly.

You can buy gold bullion and have it stored in a vault by a third party. This however, has its own costs. If you have a lot of gold bars, for instance or bullion coins.

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