Sunlight has a very negative effect on the health of our hair. Not only those, who like to soak up the hot sun on the shores, should take care of the hair, the protection of the hair from the sun is also needed for those who are often staying in the sun, even in urban environments.

In the summer you should replace all your usual remedies with others of a high content of vitamins, various natural oils and other beneficial components. Shampoos should effectively remove any impurities and well cleanse scalp from all deposits of sea salt without weighing down the hair.

Using the balm will help to replenish the lost moisture of the hair, prevent brittleness, give shine and help for easy combing.

You can make healthy hair masks at home by mixing different oils. For example, almond and coconut. To do this, you need a little, warm the resulting mixture and evenly distribute it along the entire length of the hair in Midtown Manhattan Barbershop.

After applying the mask, the hair should be wrapped in a plastic bag and towels for about 30-40 minutes, and after a while, rinse it very well with shampoo.

Before going out into the sun, you can also apply almond, coconut or flaxseed oil to the ends of your hair, this will protect them from splitting and overdrying.

The best way to protect your hair from the damaging effects of sunlight is to hide them under a hat. It also protects your hair from unwanted burnout.

Today, the market has a lot of products designed to care and protect hair in the summer. As a rule, all of them are based on oils or silicone, which cover the hair with a thin film, prevent the penetration of chlorine and salt, minimize the draining effect of the wind. It is nice that manufacturers thought about the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation on their hair: now even styling sprays are marked with SPF 30.

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