The Internet and the immense amount of information available instantly, have radically changed the process of generating value and the perception of the need to have a real estate agent. The great challenge today is to achieve differentiation and generate greater value than the direct and indirect competition, be it other agents, web portals, direct sales or new real estate brokerage services.

Despite the enormous change in the competitive environment, there are still important spaces for the development of competitive advantages as advised by the spotless agency, just for the simple fact that customers are still people, only now they are more informed, know the market better and tend to be more demanding when it comes to perceiving value in service and therefore hiring and paying for it.

How To Compete In The Current Environment

Before differentiating you must be able to compete. Wide access to information and multiple sources have changed consumer habits, customer demands and the way they interact with the real estate agent.

Today, the real estate agent must be able to quickly and efficiently resolve client queries in many areas that are involved in the real estate business. You should have good information regarding:

  • The characteristics of the property.
  • Real estate potential of the property.
  • Know the location, the points of interest and the urban furniture of the area well.
  • Handle good information on rental and sale prices in the market.
  • Global trends in the real estate industry locally and globally.
  • Regulatory and urban plans.
  • The economic situation of the country and globe.
  • Credit market prices and trends.
  • Financing structures.
  • Tax framework.
  • Legal and tax situation of the property.

The above list may seem long and exhaustive, however, it may grow. Managing it only allows us to enter the competition. How do we differentiate ourselves? Once we “qualify” to be able to compete, we must be able to generate an increase in value above the competition, which is achieved in the way we interact with our clients.

How To Win The Current Business And Benefit In The Future?

Previously explained how to qualify and how to differentiate yourself from the competition, now we must be able to achieve a successful closure of the business and retain customer loyalty. Once trust has been achieved and a solid value proposition has been generated, which is accepted by the client, the closing of the business must be completed smoothly and clearly, which is why it is important to manage the client’s expectations in terms of time and procedures, and conservatively anchor them to reality.

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