Insurance companies are usually not easy to deal with when it comes to making a truck accident claim. After an accident, they will reach out to you quickly to try to settle your claim as soon as possible. This way, you still haven’t determined the true value of your claim. Unfortunately, the first settlement offer they will make won’t be enough to cover all your losses. However, an Albuquerque truck accident attorney can give you legal assistance throughout the settlement process. Before you accept any offer from the insurance company of the party who caused your accident, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

Evaluate the Offer First

Because the first settlement offer from insurance companies is often not fair, you need to examine it before you decide whether or not to accept it. These companies know that accident victims are vulnerable and will usually offer them less than what they deserve. Before you accept their offer, speak with an attorney first. Your lawyer can review the damages you have incurred, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. Also, they consult with experts to give them reliable opinions that could help the attorney determine the true value of your claim.

Assess Your Injuries and Damages

Every kind of injury sustained in a truck accident will vary in cost of medical expenses, which makes it hard to calculate. As you assess the cost of your injuries and damages, you need to keep track of your medical bills including emergency medical expenses, medical equipment required, hospital stays, required therapies, additional appointments with doctors, and home modifications.  By calculating the costs and damages from your truck accident, you better understand the compensation you deserve you receive. You should know that accepting an initial settlement offer from an insurance provider will mean losing the option to demand further compensation. 

Determine Who is Liable for Your Injuries

An experienced attorney will determine the liable parties for the accident. In truck accidents, liability may fall on the truck driver, the trucking company, truck or parts manufacturer, and others. Which parties to blame depend on why and how the accident took place. For instance, if the accident resulted from driver fatigue, liability may be assigned to the driver and their employer. Evidence must be presented to support your claim. Also, they will prepare for the opposing party’s defense that may include asserting that you contributed to the accident. 

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