Maths is a subject which students feel is difficult to crack, compared to any other subjects. Though it is different from other subjects, it involves many activities from our daily existence. Maths has its own objectives, vocabulary, symbols and formulas. Besides, the skills for studying Maths are also unique. Although there is no one right way to study Maths, below are some of the most important points, tips and study skills you need to be aware of to do well in Maths.

Active learning and practice

You cannot learn Maths just by listening and reading, unlike other subjects. Maths is a subject which requires a lot of practice, understanding of concepts, memorization of formulas and the statements of theorems. The more you practice Maths, the easier it will be to become an expert.


Concepts and formulas in Maths are not limited to a particular class, and they will be repeated in further classes in many chapters when dealing with more advanced concepts and applications. For example, trigonometry angles, algebra formulas (for the students of school level) and so on. 

Maintaining a time table

Creating and maintaining a study time-table will prove beneficial to your undiscovered skills at Maths. Mathematics contains a lot of difficult topics. You cannot afford to solve all the problems, all at once. Divide the time to practice each question thoroughly. In this way, you can identify your weaker areas and know your strengths. Based on which, you can improve your knowledge of Maths at different levels.

Preparing charts for important formulas

Making charts of important formulas and pasting them at a convenient place, which you refer to regularly will help you to recall every day. You can note down important expressions such as trigonometric identities, trigonometric ratios, differentiation and integration formulas (for college-level students) and so on.

Apply Maths to real-life scenarios

By applying Maths concepts in real-life situations, wherever it is possible, you will be able to understand the topics clearly. In another way, you can practice more word problems to get knowledge of applications with the help of class 10 biology notes in different fields, also in our day to day life. By doing this you will get interested and excited in Maths. If any person is extremely interested in a particular thing, then they will become proficient in that with ease. 

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