Are you in military? Did you receive PCS (Permanent change of station)? If ‘yes’ is your answer then did you decide how to ship your personal vehicle to your destination? If you live in continental US and if your new station is also in continental US then one important thing that you have to understand here is that government won’t pay for shipping charges. However, if you are moving to a station, which is not in the continental US, then military will pay for shipping one POV (privately owned vehicle).

There are many auto-transport companies that can help you to transport your POV safely to your destination. Here are some reasons why most of the military members choose auto transport services for shipping a car.

  • Saves Time – When you choose an auto transport company they will schedule for pickup and delivery of your vehicle, that too more securely and safely. Once you approach them, they will take care of everything, hence you can utilize that time for your other works. No doubt, you can save a lot of time by booking the services of an auto transport company.
  • Additional offers – Most of the auto transport companies provide additional offers or discounts for all the military members. Hence, you need not worry about your budget at all now.
  • Zero Stress – When you book their services, you need not drive your car all along to a new place i.e. for long hours. Hence, you can stay stress free now.
  • No Extra Expenditures – You will not have a necessity to spend your money on snacks, drinks etc by choosing the services of an auto transport company. In simple words, when you travel with your family members you have to make several arrangements for food, accommodation etc.

What to consider when choosing an auto transportation company?

Some of the important things which you need to take care of when choosing an auto transportation company are

  • Check the client reviews before choosing an auto transportation company as this will help you to get an idea about their services.
  • Check whether their company is a registered one or not to avoid unnecessary problems in future.
  • You should always choose an insured company as you can claim your amount if something goes wrong while shipping your vehicle.
  • Check their site online to know from how many years they are offering these services. The more the experience the better services you can expect.
  • Check the quotes of different companies and choose the one which you feel is a best deal.

If you are looking for military friendly auto transport services then choose a shipping company like Ship a Car, Inc. The best part of their services is they are very secured and affordable. They also offer some good discounts for military members, which is why most of the military members in US choose their services.

Visit their site right away to book their services on their website sitting in the comfort of your place!

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