There are many people who take up the projects of federal construction as this can bring them great profit. After the completion of the project, there are times when you do not get paid for your work. In order to avoid any such situation, it is better to get into a miller act contract. This contract will help you to get the compensation in case you are denied payment by the fed agency. Filing a miller act claim will help you to get your payment and compensation from the bonding company. This claiming notice is given to the prime constructor and he further passes it to the surety company. 

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Ways to claim for the miller act

  • Notice of miller act – the notice of miller act is created containing all the details of the work and details of the construction. It contains the time of completing the entire project along with some evidence of the construction site. The personal detail of the claimer is asked in this notice and you should fill all information carefully. After the completion of notice, you should give it to the prime contractor. If you are not having a bond signed up with the prime contractor before the construction, you should give your claim notice within the 90 days after the project has been completed. If you are having the signed up bond with him, you are not bounded with the deadline of 90 days. 
  • Surety response – prime contractor passes your miller act notice to the surety company and you have to wait for their response. Try to give the notice as soon as possible to get with the flow as it can make your claim more noticeable to them. Surety Company decides whether to keep your claim for further process or reject it. After the response of Surety Company, you can move further and decide what to do next to claim your amount. 
  • Get paid – after the surety response, you can check whether they have selected you claim or not. If yes, you can go with the claiming process. You will be asked certain information about the federal project and your claiming amount and given your payment after clearing all the process. If your claim notice gets rejected, you can hire the lawsuits and move further to get your claim amount under the professional guidance. Getting a lawsuit will help you to claim your payment in a quicker way without facing many problems. Get yourself a well experienced lawyer in this field. 

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