Online gaming is a big trend today as people can interact sitting at home. The credit goes to technology advancement. We are still able to carry on with our lives and works by being physically apart. India has the third-largest base of internet users. Considering the circumstances, many people have to look for entertainment online. One such form of recreation is online gaming. There are a variety of new games coming up every day. But, some games have managed to entertain numerous players for years. Let’s look at some of the games you can enjoy with friends and family and kill your boredom.

Online Rummy

Indians have always been in love with card games. Card players in India have improved their skills. People used to play solitaire on the PC and mobile. Now, they have switched to playing multi-player rummy online. Rummy is a quite fascinating card game. Players of all ages show interest in it. The added excitement of winning cash prizes and rewards also engage players a lot. The rummy game is quite simple, and you can find online resources to learn it. You should always go for sites with good graphics and financial transaction security. Multiple players can play rummy and can interact with each other too. You can play with 24 X 7 online with dedicated player support.

Ludo King

Ludo is a board game which was played earlier offline with multiple players. But the online version of Ludo has attained massive popularity among the people. Ludo has derived from the ancient Indian game Pachisi. Every player has four tokens. The objective is to move each token from the board’s starting point to the board’s centre, also known as home. The first person who does this wins. Ludo King has four modes: vs Computer, local mode, Online Multiplayer, and private Multiplayer. In the vs Computer, the player plays against Computer(AI) offline. Multiple players play offline in Local mode. Players can play online against multiple players in Online Multiplayer mode, but the user doesn’t choose to select the opponents. In Private Multiplayer mode, you can play against opponents you want to choose online. The player can choose Facebook friends to online with a maximum of 6 players.

Online Chess

Chess has become more prevalent in India after Vishwanatha Anand won World Champion Of Chess five times. Before that, classic chess was considered a status symbol. Now, chess is played online against a machine or other enthusiasts. Chess is a two-player game, and rules that apply are almost similar to the offline game. This game demands logic and can be very slow at times. People who are into strategic thinking like chess. This game has beginner to expert levels. Many players play chess online in India but only a few rank up on the leaderboard.


Online games are fun and entertaining. What game to play is more of a personal choice. A majority of Indians loves the games mentioned above. The graphics, ease in availability, prizes and many other factors contribute to attracting players for a game. Many games help people develop relevant mental skills and eventually sharpen them. On the other hand, some games might help to expand the social circle and meet like-minded people. So, find your favourite game and enjoy playing it.

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