The attraction towards beautiful creative music is something that comes to us quite naturally. It is one of the most ancient and sacred of entertainment and celebration, which is why probably all the emotions of human are better captured only in musical lenses. Even in the busy life of 21st century, we keep going back to that primary element of life that keeps us energised and helps us in finding rhythm and harmony in all the aspects of life. Finding great music’s therefore has always been a great quest for almost all of us and yet with all the demands, the lack of quality apps from where everyone can avail their types of music seems very scarce; with the exception of probably one!

How You Tube has been playing the crucial role in serving the musical world!

You Tube in the past decade has emerged as the greatest source of music and entertaining videos as well as educational videos and media that not only one can get any time of music from here but of different singers and instruments. Flvto is an app that can convert you tube videos into mp3 format and therefore makes up for the deficiencies of you tube to be able play music’s when the screen is dormant, making it a perfect musical app for everyone. Among several other benefits of using the app, some are given below…

Discovery of music’s

With the help of you tube it has become pretty convenient  to look for new music as you tube keeps a tally of one’s subscribed musical channels and keeps showing every individual similar musical choices. Even when a video comes to an end, you tube provides some similar options of music that are similar to the current music video.

Easy downloading options

Downloading videos via Flvto is quite easy as all one needs to do is to copy the link of the particular video they want to be converted in mp3 format and they can then paste the link on flvto; which will provide them the option of converting the videos in mp3 format.

Accessible from all devices

The app can be used in either android or in IPhone. Thus versatility provides the app a greater advantage over the apps that can only be played in either one of the operating systems.

Free of cost

The app is free of cost and one won’t be charged anything either when they are downloading the app or using the app.

High quality sound with Flvto

The app provides high quality of music up to 384k. Although if one wishes to download of 12k or 256k format they are in complete freedom to do so as the app provides all of these options when converting the music’s.

Different types of music in Flvto

As the app converts videos directly from YouTube the downloaders can download music’s of almost all the known languages and of different times and genres.


Converting audio books that are available on YouTube can be a good way of using the app this will not only in which one’s knowledge and serve as a purpose of recreation but it will also help them  passing time when they are doing manual works.

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