A Woman’s Life Journey from Toddler to Sixty Year Old Woman

Reaching the 6-0 is a big thing for a woman, an age which she has more time to pursue her own interests and re-prioritise her goals.  This is because she has spent more than 50 years which is equivalent of half a century of her life, journeying from a young girl to young adulthood (a curious adolescent), to her twenties, exploring life as a young lady with more responsibilities.  From twenties to her thirties, she should be at the peak of her career or has better understanding in what she wants in her job and moving to on to new roles, such as motherhood. In her forties, she will move on to her next chapter in life, here she is comfortable in her own skin and is established in her roles played, to fifties, when she is in semi-retirement and slowly moving on to her semi-retirement phase.

Hence, whether you are thinking of 60th birthday gift ideas for mom or buying a present for your female friend, you need to think and consider carefully, in order to ensure we buy her a memorable gift.

Considerations to take When Buying Gifts for a Sixty Year Old Woman  based on her Hobbies

As she is into semi retirement phase and has more time to pursue her interests, as her career is now stabilised or is less of a priority, hobbies take priority now.  Hence, buying gifts related to her hobbies is something to consider.

Below are two most popular for a sixty year old woman and the related gifts.

  1. Gardening

If she has green fingers, like botany, planting seeds and watching flowers bloom and decorating her garden and house with a variety of plants and flowers, buying set of gardening tools, seeds and even accessories for her garden is practical.  This is the type of gifts for 60 year old woman who has everything – it gives her more reason to spend more time on her hobby.  Even buying a gardening gift basket, which includes tea bags and snacks in the gift basket will be a pleasant surprise for her.  After a session of gardening, she can sit back and enjoy her garden, sipping tea and nibbling tea snacks.

  1. Travelling

Does she like travelling, to explore different parts of her country or the world.  Is she now a weekend traveller? Buying a weekend bag or hand carry luggage bag for her to bring on board plane is a functional gift which surely comes in handy.  She definitely welcomes one more of such bag to her collection, so that she can have different variety of bags for her different trips.

Buying technical gadgets accessories useful for her travelling such as charging station to ensure that she is connected though she is on the road whole day or an organizer bag to keep her various gadgets in place is something worth buying.

With the above examples of gifts, you are sure to find a suitable gift related to her hobby is sure to make the birthday girl’s day.

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