The rooms, corridors, entrance hall and places of great circulation usually harmonize with phrases or playful forms of clouds, hearts, among others. The kitchen or corner of the café deserves lights that illustrate fruits, cupcakes, cups or various foods. Even the lavatory and leisure area can be decorated with neon, just choose the model that reflects your style.

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Which colors to choose?

Given so many options it is difficult to choose the color of the light that will best suit your home decor. If you are traditional and like minimalist trends , to avoid making mistakes, prefer to paint the room with a neutral paint such as white , gray or beige, and make the colors stronger for neon and other decorative items such as pillows, pictures, lamps, curtains, rugs, etc.

Choose a palette of strong colors, such as red, and invest in light and other pieces of the same shade working tone on tone.

The more daring, who like maximalism, can apply neon on a surface covered with colorful wallpaper, because the color contrast is very modern and fun. Another option is to put a lot of color in all the items that make up the decoration, reinforcing the cheerful and vibrant style with neon light. About that you can find more info for these lights and how to use them rightly.

Where to install neon lamps?

Install the signs on a prominent wall , such as over the headboard, sofa, entrance sideboard, bar or barbecue area. The important thing is to provide an outlet near the place where the light will be installed to prevent the wire from being exposed and polluting the decoration in an undesirable way.

Tip: How to match the color of the planned furniture with the home decor?

How to use neon even more creatively?

A very unusual way to use neon is to apply it to paintings. The phrases or drawings can come on a canvas with a frame that will guarantee even more prominence and creativity to the environment.

In this way, it is possible to apply even more than one luminous in the room without overloading the bright light environment. Choose a theme of your choice and frame the lights to display on the walls.

Another creative way to use them is to personalize the signs with phrases of your choice. Some inspirations of catchy and motivating phrases and words are “who dares wins”, “love”, “relax”, “ok”, “you are amazing”, “May the force be with you”, “together”, “there”,“you only love once”, among others.

As the neon light is fully customizable, it is also possible to work around some objects, plaster molding, cabinets and niches, highlighting the decoration items and making the environment brighter.

Now that you have discovered everything about neon in decoration, know its origin, know when it was introduced to the world of fashion and decoration and understand how it can be used at home today, choose the luminous model that best matches your style and personalize your home.

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