Here are some of the most widely used terms in sports betting lingo. They are basic expressions of slang that you should know if you want to move freely this exciting world.

Board Across

Betting method used in horse racing. It is won if the horse finishes in the first, second or third place.

Bet Against (Lay)

The slot88 Won when the selected participant loses the event. It is a typical bet of the exchange houses, Betfair style. When a bettor accepts a bet against, he goes on to play the role of a bookmaker. It is the opposite of betting in favor.

Combined Bet

Bet with multiple bets on various events. To win the bet you have to hit all the results. The benefits will depend on the combination of fees.

Complex combination bet

Unlike the classic combined bet, this bet is paid as soon as one of the predictions is fulfilled.

Live bet

Bet on a sports event in real time. Fees differ greatly and depend on the course of the sporting event. Its operation becomes similar to the movements of the bag.

  • Longterm bet (Outright): Bet on a long-term sporting event. For example: Which team will win the Premier League?
  • Sure bet: Taking advantage of the fact that each house offers different fees for the same event, it is possible on certain occasions to ensure benefits by betting, in different houses, on each and every one of the possible results. The average benefits of a safe bet are usually between 1% – 5% of the stake.
  • System bet: It is easier to understand it through an example: a system bet is placed at 3/5. Five forecasts are chosen in this system. To make a profit, at least three predictions must be correct.
  • Simple bet: a single forecast for a certain sporting event. If the bet placed is a winner, the amount bet plus the odds will be entered. If the forecast fails, the money will go to the bookmaker’s account. Also known as a Back Bet at exchange bookmakers.
  • Bad Beat : A word used to refer to a significant loss of money in a bet.


Bankroll :

  • Total amount of money that we allocate to bet. Either in a single bookmaker, or spread over several.

Banker (Lock)

  • It is a bet whose probability of winning by a team is considered very high. In system bets, it is used as fixed.


  • Nickname that is used to designate the person who acts as the contact to place bets and not show the true identity of the bettor.

Bookmaker (Bookie)

  • It is a company that offers sports betting. Traditional bookmaker.


  • The name by which $ 100 bets are known.
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