If you are going to buy a bong then it very important for you to buy the right one. From the simple bamboo bong to today’s latest glass bong, the popularity of it has reached to the next level. People from all around the world are attracted to it. The thing is that it is always a difficult task to choose the right bong, whether it is your first time or it 100th, buying a bong is still daunting. There are so many varieties of bongs available in the market having different features. The Hello Kitty bong is on the best bong, which is made up of the best quality material, and the amazing features of it will make your mind blow. If you are a beginner and don’t have much knowledge about buying the right bong for yourself, then this quick guide will help you in narrowing your search so that you can enjoy smoking as soon as possible.

Thickness of glass

The glass thickness is one of the essential features which should be considered while buying a bong. It is the only thing that decides the durability of the bong. It is crucial for you to first examine that in what environment the bong is going to be used and then choose accordingly. If it is going to be placed in one room, then you don’t have to think more about the thickness because it will be safe and secure. But if you want to carry your bong from one place to another, then the thickest glass will be the best suitable option for you.

Style of bong

You should always consider the style of the bong you want. There are many types of sizes and styles are available in the market, but the main types to pick from are straight tube, recycler, and beaker bong. The straight tubes have thick smoke, which can be quickly cleared. The beaker bongs are the one which has more volume and less heavy smoke. They are harder to clear as compared to the straight tube ones. Recyclers are the bongs that are mostly used for smoking concentrates that recycle the water. If you are a beginner then the Hello Kitty bong is the best suitable option for you because they are made up pf straight tube which is on top of all styles.

Size of joint

The joint comes in basically two sizes that are 14mm and 18mm. You should always choose a bong, which is of the same size as your joint. This will make your work very more relaxed and will provide you the best smoking experience. It is essential to buy the same size joint and bong because if you ever break a slide, then you can easily mix and match it to another as they will all fit together in one. The Hello Kitty bong have the joint size of 14.4mm, which is the appropriate size, which allows you to carry it from one place to another.

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