Slip and fall accidents and injuries may occur anytime especially when the area is not properly maintained. It makes the victim leave with the medical bills, lost wages, and missed time at the workplace. For some people, it creates an unwanted financial burden and leaves the injured person in need of an experienced and reliable atlanta slip and fall attorney. The attorney helps the injured person to receive the compensation that they deserve for their damages and injuries. Here, you will get to know the reasons to call the attorney after a slip and fall.

Common injuries caused by the slip and fall

Usually, the slip and fall accidents lead to injuries, which may range from mild to severe based on the location and nature of the accident. Here are the common types of injuries majorly caused by slip and fall accidents.

  • Neck injury
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Paralysis
  • Cervical dislocation
  • Spinal cord injury
  • cuts or lacerations
  • Muscles strains and sprains

These damages are not evident instantly so that it is necessary to seek the medical assistance after the slip and fall.

Do these things after the accident

As soon as you have the slip and fall accident, you have to do the following things. Or else, it will affect your compensation claim heavily.

  • Do not forget to take the photo of the accident scenes and injuries
  • Report the accident to the property manager, security guard, and other responsible people
  • Collect the names and contact details of the witnesses
  • Obtain the medical attention immediately
  • Call the reliable and licensed atlanta slip and fall attorney

Reasons to call the attorney

Are you thinking about the reasons to call the attorney? Check out the below section carefully. 

  • The good attorney lawyer will assist gather the vital information, which helps prove the fault of the party who is behind the slip and fall accident. They spend their time and effort to gather the evidence to prove the cases. Some of the major evidence the attorney collects are witness statements, medical records, and photos of the accident scene
  • It is quite hard to prove the negligence without the assistance of an attorney. It is because he/she knows the legal process of proving the negligence in the slip and fall accident claim. After collecting all the evidence, the attorney will give it to the insurance firm or directly to the court to showcase the other parties’ negligence. It is actually up to your attorney to prove that the fault is not yours and get the compensation. So, research well and find the right attorney
  • The attorney is well versed in negotiating your settlement. In most cases, the insurance company will render you a lot less in compensation when compared to what you deserve. Having an attorney who will advocate on behalf of you and negotiate with the insurance firm is mandatory. It is because they help you get the amount you deserve for your damage or injury
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