People who are born rich or the people who have become rich due to hard work do not find it difficult to purchase the things that they wish for. They are able to live the type of lifestyle that they wish for without having to bother about a thing about how the economy is or how much their income is. As for people belonging to the lower class or the ones who live on food stamps given by the government, they choose to purchase things in places such as Walmart for their requirements. The middle-class people are the ones who struggle without knowing which way to bend when it comes to their requirements.

Consumer Opinions:

Consumer opinions change, which directly affect the way in which the market functions. Earlier it was considered to be a boon to belong to the middle-class tier. However, after the 80’s giants such as Amazon and Walmart in the United States started taking sides. While Amazon concentrated on the high-class people Walmart chose to remain in the same band as lower class people. These elements started the death of middle class people in the United States with their economic needs not being fulfilled by either company. 

Dealing with Recession:

The economy is not as great as it used to be in the past which has pushed the middle-class people to either fall into the category of low class or the upper class. This is the precise reason why both giants Amazon and Walmart have shifted gears and started working towards either side of the lifestyle that people belong to. You can choose to have your income carefully spent to and have savings of your own if you choose to belong to the middle-class. If you do not follow this, the changes of you being deprived of the benefits of living a good life become bleak. 

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