What Is WeChat? the Popular Messaging App, Explained

Communication has always been essential in building rapport. It is an importantconstituent, especially in a growing company. It is their way of:

    1. Constructingrelationships
    2. Preventing misunderstandings
    3. Achieving goals
    4. Enhancing customer service
    5. Progressing potential individual career 

Gone are the days of struggling to partner with other businesses and get the word out to prospects. Thanks to the Internet’s cause of development worldwide.With it, B2B (business-to-business)and business-to-clientfirms can communicate online, such as through WeChat.Corporations are even utilizing it to conduct a WeChat call recording. This is important since, aside from complying withcertain rules, it also provides security against any possible fraud, harassment, and illegal content. 


WeChat(Walk the Chat) is one of the messaging platforms known to many. It is a Chinese instant texting tool, social media, and even a mobile payment application. Tencent first developed the software back in 2011. Subsequently, it became a stand-alone messaging platform in 2018 with 1 billion active users. Now, it has 1.2 billion online individuals,which are mostly between the age of 16 to 64 years old. They are not only for casual talks, but many firms alsotake advantage of their convenience.


  1. Brand Development

WeChat can help a corporation with itsproducts and servicesprogression. The platform has an e-reputation that enhances visibility to new markets.Thus, numerous companies are utilizing it since it is the most efficient method to generate new digital leads.

  1. Superior in Connecting with a Business’ Target Audience

This messaging platform has the attribute of content creation and objectifying it to certain consumers, mainly thosesubscribed to the merchant. 

Additionally, it also has two different types of accounts:

  • Subscriptionenables regular content and notifications to be displayed in a sub-section for users who subscribe to the company.
  • Service is more advanced than the first one as it extends to the user’s primary “Moments” feed.
  1. WeChat Archiving

This feature is one of the most vital constituents, for it captures WeChat and even WeCom (WeChat Work) business communications and multimedia attachments. This is effectivefor both iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, this attribute works for corporate-owned and BYOD (bring-your-own-device)contrivances.

These are the common advantages that WeChat possesses.Its mobile availability can be beneficial, but it also has its complexities. To learn more about it, continue reading the infographic below, created and designed by TeleMessage:


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