With the 2020 summer around the corner, you may have already washed your AC’s filters and repaired the air cooler. But what arrangements did you make for your cat? You can’t install an AC in her room and keep it switched on for hours. It will make her sick. You may not allow her to sleep in your room because she leaves a lot of hairballs. With both the doors closed, what options do you have to keep your cat cool this summer? Here are a few alternatives that may work.

1. Give her ice treats

Cats That Dont Shed love ice lollies when the temperature soars up during the summer months. Take some tuna brine or some chicken stock and freeze it in your refrigerator. Give your cat a couple of these ice treats every two hours. They will keep her cool and entertained. But make sure you serve them in her feeding bowl. Don’t throw them on the floor. Your cat may find another opportunity to show off her mischievous side by playing with the cubes.

2. Wet towel

Cats usually don’t love to take a dip in a bucket of water. They will jump off buckets or swimming pools immediately. Therefore, don’t think that you can take your cat for a swim. Instead, try wetting a small towel in ice-cold water and dab it over your cat’s fur. Bring your cat close to you and keep stroking the towel gently. Dip and dab again if the towel dries. It will provide some much-needed relief to your cat from the sultry weather.

3. Giver her ice cubes to play

Apart from feeding her ice treats, you can give your cat some ice cubes to play with. It will keep her busy and also cool her down. Try using a laser pointer to attract the attention of your cat. Once she comes close, point the beam on the floor. She will become mad to catch the beam. As soon as she starts running, throw her an ice cube and stop pointing the laser. She will try to grab the ice cube but can’t because it will keep slipping away.

The game is hilarious to watch. But it also serves the purpose of keeping your cat cool during summers.

4. Use cooling mats under her bed

Your cat may not be able to express how hot she feels while sleeping. Therefore, arrange for a cooling mat or keep some ice packs under her bed. Many cat owners also freeze the best cat food in UK and keep it under her so that she can treat herself whenever she feels hungry. But make sure you don’t use ice packs without any cover. That will make her bed wet and she won’t like to sleep in her corner anymore.

You may have the luxury of air conditioners and coolers in your room but you should also share the same with your cat. After all, she is another family member whom you shouldn’t neglect. In fact, you should make her feel special by following the above tips so that she keeps her cool even during intense heated-up moments.

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