Strongest Strain of Weed: 10 Most Potent Marijuana Strains In The World  (35% THC) | The Sacramento BeeAre you looking for the strongest cannabis strain on the market? Look no further than Northern Lights. With high thca flower levels ranging from 18-22%, this legendary indica-dominant hybrid is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts seeking a potent and relaxing experience. In this guide, we’ll dive deeper into what makes Northern Lights so special and how to consume it safely and responsibly.


Origins of Northern Lights


Northern Lights was first bred in the 1980s by a grower named Neville Schoenmaker, who crossed two landrace strains, Thai and Afghani. The resulting hybrid quickly became legendary for its intense THC levels and relaxing effects. Today, Northern Lights has been further developed by other breeders and is widely available in dispensaries across the United States.


Appearance and Flavor


Northern Lights’ buds are typically small and densely packed, with a vibrant green color and orange hairs that give the flower a unique appearance. When smoked, Northern Lights has a distinctive, earthy flavor with hints of pine and spice. Its aroma is similarly pungent, with notes of skunk and diesel.


Effects of Northern Lights


With high levels of THC and a strong indica dominance, Northern Lights is known for its powerful, relaxing effects. It’s perfect for unwinding after a long day or for treating conditions like stress, anxiety, and insomnia. However, it’s worth noting that Northern Lights is also highly sedative, so it’s best consumed in the evening or before bedtime.


Consumption Methods


There are several ways to consume Northern Lights, including smoking, vaping, and edibles. Smoking is the most traditional method and offers a classic cannabis experience, while vaping allows for a smoother and more controlled high. Edibles, meanwhile, offer a longer-lasting and more intense effect, but they also take longer to kick in and require careful dosing.


Safety and Responsibly


As with any cannabis product, it’s important to consume Northern Lights safely and responsibly. Start with a small dose and wait at least 30 minutes before consuming more, especially with edibles. Always buy from a reputable dispensary and avoid using while operating heavy machinery or driving. And of course, never share your cannabis with minors or individuals who may be particularly susceptible to the effects.


In conclusion, Northern Lights is an excellent choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a strong and relaxing experience. With its high THC levels, unique flavor and aroma, and potent effects, this legendary hybrid has earned its place among the top cannabis strains on the market. By consuming Northern Lights safely and responsibly, you can enjoy all that this incredible flower has to offer. So why not give it a try and see for yourself?


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