Thailand is at 27th position in global ease of doing business index. It is regarded as one of the most friendly environments for all kind of businesses. Because of its higher position in Global Trade index, many developing countries and enterprises are Keen to invest in projects in Thailand. So, necessarily Thailand sees a huge amount of manufacturing businesses throughout its territory. One of the key aspects of doing business in the Global market is to get a trusted and convenient Shipping company.

Shipping from Thailand

Shipping is necessarily the anchor between the global market and the business itself. Without a good shipping company, Trade is impossible. And in case of Thailand, SMESHIPPING, biggest shipping (การ ขนส่ง ทาง เรือ which is the term in Thai)) company of Thailand,  provides Global shipment of products with a minimum amount of fee but with the maximum damage protection of goods. SMESHIPPPING is trusted by not only g bylobal businesses but also by individuals who intend to transport goods worldwide.


SMESHIPPPING makes fast delivery with tracking of the package with a 24 hours monitoring window. They provide express delivery that is, the shipments are delivered within 1-2 days globally. They provide different packaging of parcels by their employee to prevent any damages to the goods. They take measures so that your parcels reach you within a given time period that is they guarantee delivery of packages. They give insurance to your parcels mostly lightweight parcels up to a worth of 1200 baht.

SMESHIPPPING provide door to door parcel delivery for personal items as well. If you are a vendor on any online e-commerce website, then they also help you to reach the farthest corners of the world with your products. They are helping the entrepreneur in their quest for greater economic liberalization and globalization. They provide special shipping rates to small businesses in return of long term business relationship. So if you own a Global company based in Thailand or even if you are a budding Entrepreneur company then SMESHIPPPING is your answer to all questions related to shipments of your products.

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