If you’ve ever been in an automobile accident, then you understand the inconvenience it brings as well as the potential injury. The impact of a colliding with a commercial truck is far greater. Some of these vehicles are carrying an extra-large or wide load, and others are still carrying several hundred to thousands of pounds of materials. This heavy load makes it hard to stop for even the most careful drivers, and that’s why it’s important that truck drivers follow all the road rules. A few of the reasons you’ll want to hire a lawyer after a truck accident are trucks are governed by various federal and state laws, you need someone who specializes in severe injury and wrongful death cases, and there is a big difference between a car wreck and a truck wreck.

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Governed By Various Federal And State Laws

All commercial truck drivers are aware of the most important regulations they have to follow. These rules are thoroughly taught during the time the driver takes classes to get their commercial license. Companies who take on new drivers will also remind them of the rules and will be very focused on safety. One of the scariest things to think about when you’re sharing the road with a commercial truck driver is fatigue. Some regulations all drivers should follow is the number of hours they allowed to drive on the road before and after a rest period. Failure to rest can affect both regular car drivers and truck drivers. Unfortunately, the truck driver accidents can be much more costly. If you or a loved one have suffered a crash due to a truck accident, then search for a Georgia truck accident lawyer right away.

Severe Injury And Wrongful Death Case

You need help in these instances because large companies already have a legal team that is protecting their assets. No one is looking out for the victim in the car. That’s where your attorney steps in to help. They understand the strategies that larger companies will use to try and sway the victim or their family, but your attorney will make sure you or your family are fairly compensated for the inconvenience and loss. Accidents involving trucks are almost always resulting in a tragedy. Even if the car driver walks away from the crash, they are probably left with some type of life-changing injury.

Big Difference Between Car Wreck And Truck Wreck

The main thing to consider when comparing these two types of vehicles is the size. Trucks are larger than cars, and commercial trucks are bigger and far heavier. Riding on the road next to a commercial truck is already risky, so it’s best to give additional space to these vehicles and get away from them when it’s safe to do so. An attorney will understand that a certain rate of speed is too fast to be going in a commercial vehicle. Sometimes truck drivers disobey their own road rules. Your attorney knows these rules and knows how to find them since they can vary from state to state.


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