Successful and productive leaders need not be the loudest ones. Few leaders can bring out the best from people even in a quiet way. These types of leaders think before they act and often go out of their way in order to create a typical environment where ideas are given enough time to be marinated first before it is cooked up and served! These leaders work quietly behind the scenes and orchestrate every move for the company. Experts of Sicora Consulting advise that you should not be crazy for fanfare but passionate about their job and crave for success. They ideally create a workplace where people are judged by talent not their politicking.

Collaborative leadership

This is a unique style of leadership that is primarily based on the principle that ‘sum is more valuable than the parts.’ They believe in building a team and power sharing rather than the conventional ‘Do what you are told’ leadership approach. They brainstorm more and look into matters from different perspectives to bring unique insights and ensure better problem solving. Transparency and education are the corner stones of collaborative leadership. Remember, successful leadership styles are not a ‘one size fits all’ concept. There must be different approaches for different situations. 

Symbolic style of leadership

Finally, if you have the ability to mastermind the vision or the big picture behind any given project then you are perfect for a symbolic style of leadership. You must have loads of creativity in you, big imagination, charismatic and inspiring. The symbolic leaders focus on the details to know what is really going on within the organization. However, you should not get carried away with your great ideas but relate it with the needs of the business keeping your feet on the ground. Getting swept away may result in losing collaborators along the way.

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