When you think about how to frame a mirror, do you worry about the time spent fitting that frame together? What about cutting yourself on sharp edged glass? Some mirror framing kits on the market are pretty tricky to work with unless you’re a framing pro.

That’s why, at MirrorMate Frames, we came up with simple solution. Instead of all the fuss and fiddling around, why not just stick your frame on? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1: Order the Right Frame

Size and style are both important here. Start by measuring carefully. We’ve created a few measuring guides to help you with this step. If you’re still stumped, for instance if you have elements like lights fixed to the mirror, contact us today and we’ll troubleshoot your project.

Next, choose the style. At MirrorMate Frames, we offer everything from rustic hardwood to sophisticated metallics. Not every style comes in every size so make sure you double check those numbers before ordering.

2: Get Prepared

Has your frame arrived? You’ll want to prepare it and the mirror. This will help the installation go smoothly.

First you’ll need a sheet or blanket to protect your floor while assembling the frame. Open the box and lay the pieces out. They should be clearly labeled as top and bottom, left and right. Connect the frame pieces as per the instructions. Take an extra minute to make sure everything is flat, the connectors are flush, and the frame looks squared off and not warped.

Next it’s time to prepare the mirror. Get clutter and furniture out of the way and clean the glass itself. Instead of Windex, just use plain rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth. Give the mirror a good polish, concentrating on the edges.

Finally, check that you can lift and handle the frame. If it’s heavy or bulky, you may want to bring in an assistant.

3: Attach the Frame

After all this prep work, attaching the frame should be a breeze. First, align the bottom edge of the frame with the mirror. Slowly bring the top of the frame in. Hold it in place as you check the fit at the top and bottom, then the left and right. Looks good? Peel off the tape backing and press to stick your new frame on.

Frames For Every Mirror

At MirrorMate, our easy to attach frames can transform the look of your mirror in just minutes. We stand by our product which is why we guarantee: “It fits or we replace it.” Come by our website today to take a look at some of our stylish framing options.

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