PE shrooms are known for their penis-like look and structure, Penis Envy cubensis (as the name so aptly suggests). The stem is large, dense, and bulbous with proper genetics, with a somewhat undeveloped crown that only sometimes splits from it. Its fruits tend to be shorter and denser, although they may sometimes be enormous.


Several myths, hypotheses, and fables surround the origin of Penis Envy, a magic mushroom strain that has a long history of use in alternative medicine. While no one knows for sure how or where Penis Envy started, a popular theory holds that Terence McKenna, a legendary mycologist and well-known author, speaker, and botanist on psychoactive plants and fungi, isolated the strain from Amazonian P. cubensis.


Several versions of penis envy mushrooms have been produced since Mckenna’s initial isolation. Uncut and Albino Penis Envy are two of these types. Penis Envy cubensis, in all its forms, is different from other Psilocybecubensis strains because of its unique properties. This potent psychedelic is leagues ahead of its magic mushroom competitors because of its enhanced strength and high potency level.


How To Use It


One of the most powerful magic mushroom strains in the world in psychoactive potential, Penis Envy gives a deep, profound psychedelic experience. Ecstatic and euphoric discoveries, profound philosophical ideations, great mental clarity, immense pleasure, and exceptional perspective on personal concerns are some of the hallmarks of the psychedelic community’s experience with psilocybin. Additionally, it has been shown to bring up sensations of satisfaction and relaxation in certain persons.


Penis Envy cubensis, like many other magic mushrooms, may be taken in a variety of ways. Penis Envy magic mushrooms may be consumed in the following ways:


  • Chew and swallow – When it comes to Penis Envy, chewing it completely and then swallowing it is one of the most common methods of consumption. If you ingest Penis Envy in this manner, the benefits normally begin to take hold within 45 minutes; however, the more you eat before taking it, the better!
  • Psilocybin-enriched foods – The ‘terrible’ taste and queasy sensation that many magic mushroom users experience while chewing it may be eliminated by consuming Penis Envy magic mushrooms in the form of psilocybin edibles and mixing them into meals. To avoid a bad trip or psychedelic experience, do not add magic mushrooms to the cooking process at any time. ‘ For the finest psychedelic experience and voyage, you should add them to sauces and toppings after all the cooking processes have been done.
  • Make a cup of tea out of it – Penis Envy is a robust and powerful psychedelic that may be used in a variety of ways. Magic mushroom tea has quickly become the preferred mode of ingestion over-consuming dry mushrooms in their whole and is highly recommended. Those who have tried psilocybin mushrooms know that they aren’t exactly nice to consume. Even swallowing psilocybin mushrooms may be difficult for some individuals since their gag reflex comes in almost immediately. Drinking psilocybin mushroom tea is considered more enjoyable by many than chewing on dry mushrooms, and it is also said to be gentler on the digestive system.
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