There are millions of companies in every sector across the world. Each individual have chance of getting a job in their sector. But most individuals fail to get a job in their field. This is due to their less quality of study during their college days. Many students don’t study during their college days and this may lead them to have less knowledge in their field. Every company always wants to hire the individuals who have good academic performance and knowledge in their field. The companies check the knowledge of the students by interview and select the best who can help in the growth of their companies. Some students are not efficient enough to get a job through the interview.Such individuals search for the jobs once they step out from colleges. In some cases, the efficient students may also not able to get the job in the campus placements. Such students can consult the recruitment agency Singapore. The agencies advertise about the jobs available on their website or in any social media pages of them. You can have a regular visit on such websites to get to know about the job opportunities available. Once you noticed a job that suits you on their website, you can consult the agency for further process.

Process of hiring an individual through the agency:

  • Firstly identifying the hiring need in any company or organization. The available jobs could be from the recently vacated posts, jobs created to share the excessive work load and when the company wants to expand their organization in the form of branches. So the jobs available may be of recently vacated one or newly available job in any company. 
  • Later the company management consult the job agency and tell about the requirement. Together they can form the recruitment plan for the candidate to hire a job. The entire process of selection of the individuals from huge group of people is discussed and come to a conclusion. The screening process for the candidates have to be done by the agency but the interview process depends on the company wish.
  • The company that is hiring the candidates need to write the job description for posting their requirements. The job description should contain the complete details of their requirements like qualifications, communication skills, language to be known, required characteristics, special features and the previous experience. The job description is included with the salary package and benefits of the job. If the job description is given clearly, the candidates who are clear with the list given by the company come forward to apply for the job.
  • Later the company have to advertise the job with the details for contacting the company. The various applications have to be reviewed by the agency and can filter some of them. The filtered candidates can be taken an interview through phone by the agency. The selected candidates from the initial interview are called to the final interview at the company. 


Hope you understand the recruitment process of the agency.

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