There are different ways to taste whiskey. The most popular is “on the rocks, ” with some ice cubes, or pure, also called “cowboy,” due to how it was consumed in the Wild West of the United States.

For specialists and drink lovers, whiskey is a drink that should be sipped slowly, taking advantage of the aroma and flavor conferred by the dose. There are several “whisky clubs” around the world, where admirers gather to taste different labels and exchange impressions about the thousands of existing versions.

It is common to see whiskey consumed with different mixtures, from energy drinks to sparkling water or coconut water. Not to mention several drinks with whiskey, from the most classic to the most innovative.

Does Whiskey Have Carbohydrates?

For those who have always been curious to know if whiskey has carbohydrates, the answer is yes, but at very low levels. A drink serving has an average of just 0.04 grams of carbohydrates, very little compared to other drinks and foods. It can be said, therefore, that whiskey is a “low carb” drink.

Want To Learn More About Whiskey?

If you want to know everything about whiskey 12 y/o aged whiskey (The Singleton Dufftown 12 ,, which is the term in Thai), here are some tips for you who are starting to venture into the world of whiskey and want to know more about how to enjoy this traditional and beloved drink:

Get to know your taste buds by tasting different types of whiskey. If you find the drink too strong for this starter, try mixing your drink with some ice water or coconut water.

Try to sip the drink slowly, enjoying the notes and tasting the flavor. One of the great pleasures of whiskey is appreciating the drink’s properties and enjoying every sip.

Don’t be ashamed to ask. There are several meetings, workshops, and workshops for whiskey tasting. If this is a newfound passion, attending one of these events can help you meet people who can offer valuable tips on enjoying and drinking.



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