Wedding gifts can be difficult to choose as these days many couples live together before they are married and so already have most of the household items that are traditionally given at this time.

This is one reason why wedding lists have become so popular in recent years, as couples can then designate items that they would like, to avoid unnecessary duplications.

Wedding lists can also have their failings though as the more reasonably priced gifts can go quickly, leaving people faced with choices that are well out of their budgets. Wedding lists can also be too impersonal for close friends and relatives and so many prefer to choose their own, more intimate gifts.

When you are choosing wedding gifts you must consider your own budget.

There are so many wonderful gifts to choose from you need not spend a fortune, but you might well need to spend a little time and effort shopping around. Try and get a gift that will appeal to both the bride and groom, but if you are a particular friend of either, you may wish to get them something special on their own as well as the main gift.

The couples interest to find wedding gifts

Firstly think about the couple themselves, and whether they have any particular interests or hobbies. They may be renovating their home or garden, and in this case vouchers for DIY stores and garden centres can be very welcome and appreciated.

Perhaps they are keen volunteers for local charities and would be touched by a donation to their cause. These sorts of gifts are much more personal and if you are unsure about the couples particular interests you could ask close relatives for ideas. It is not usually appropriate to give cash gifts at weddings, but if the couple are close relatives, you may wish to give them money towards something they are saving up for in particular, and in this case you should discuss this with them first.

There are plenty of personalized gifts which would be suitable for any wedding occasions and here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Keepsakes – gifts which mark the day of the wedding can be a lovely sentiment, such as monogrammed linens or engraved jewellery with the couple’s names and the date of the special day. Champagne produced in the year of the marriage and presented in a personalised box make

a good keepsake, and mature slowly so that they can be opened on the couple’s 50 wedding anniversary gifts! Framed images from the wedding can also help to preserve the moment and make lovely gifts for when the couple return from honeymoon.

  • Luxury gifts – if your budget allows it, you may want to add a touch of luxury to the couple’s new lives by treating them to some sumptuous new bed linens and towels, or upgrading a household item they perhaps wouldn’t normally be able to afford.
  • Relaxing – Weddings are hectic events and you may want to give a gift of relaxation in the form of aromatherapy bath sets or a spa day that the couple could take a few days before the wedding to give them a break.
  • Honeymoon Gifts – after the expense of the wedding, some couples may have little spending money for their honeymoon. Currency for their destination can make a lovely gift, and you need only give them enough for a meal out whilst they are away if you are on a low budget. Nice evening bags also make good gifts, but check first that they do not already have these items.
  • Creative – if you are a creative person you may wish to make a gift, perhaps a painting of the couple, or another handcrafted item that celebrates their union. Poems hand written in a beautiful script and framed make touching gifts to mark the day.
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