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There are many scammers who “work” with the game. And since the casino security services are not against them, these tricks are constantly leaking in gaming establishments.

Conventionally, all casino scammers can be divided into two main types:

1) Scams whose purpose is to steal money from the casino. They use many tricks and schemes to get winnings that do not belong to them, or to try to increase their winnings in the casino by increasing their initial bet or by buying marked cards for sale  and using special gadgets like marked playing cards contact lenses. As a general rule, the basic work schemes of such “specialists” are well known to the casino security service.

2) The second type of scam is more dangerous for us common players. Because your goal is our money. In addition, this type can be attributed to the usual pickpockets and prostitutes “who try to exercise in the casino’s gaming rooms.

Fraud And Roulette

As a rule, scam artists near roulette tables work against the casino.

The most common method of roulette fraud is the “flip”.

Its essence is as follows: a scammer makes several different bets on roulette (basically these are stacks of several different chips), and when the result becomes clear, imperceptibly, the dealer adds some chips to the winning slot. For example, if the “cap” adds only $ 2 to your winning direct bet (bet on the roulette number), it will be enriched by 70 …

Such masters work primarily with partners or even a team, they are loud, they constantly wave their arms and create chaos at the roulette table. This is done deliberately to divert the attention of the casino dealer from gambling and the “naturalness” of the “top”. The “doing tapas” generally play at the table with many neighboring players; it’s easier to “cover up” without being noticed by the casino security service.

An equally popular way to scam roulette players against a casino is a banal one-player deal with a dealer of the same roulette.

The player and the dealer agree in advance (outside the walls of the casino). During the game of roulette, the dealer pays the player an exaggerated bet, or even pays the bet on the roulette field, which was not even made.


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