The internet is a crowded space. We primarily use the medium on a daily basis. An Internet live stats said there are over 3.5 billion daily Google searches, 1.9 billion existing websites, and over 350,000 tweets sent in a minute. Therefore, with this provided data, hooking the interest of the readers online can be extremely challenging. Apply for digital marketing training to know more about it.

According to the analytics service Chartbeat, 55% of visitors only spend 15 seconds reading a particular web page. To beat these statistics, you must have excellent content on your webpage. Well-written article hooks and holds readers’ attention, and can optimize your page. Check out these 6 fundamental tips to capture thousands of online readers, and help your page reach the top. 

Create A Fascinating Headline

Your content headline will be the primary basis of the readers. The readers may decide whether they will read the rest of the article or not, based on your provided headline. Thus, it should be head-turning to spark their interest. If you think that you need a makeover for your headline, you can follow these three foolproof tips. 

Keep It Short And On-Point

Fill your content with necessary details, but keep it short and on-point. Lengthy content with irrelevant information is not advisable as readers may get easily bored from too long and nonsense phrases. Focus on point information and to your word count. You can use a character counter tool to count your text quickly. This is an online-based tool that features various useful tools that you can use to improve your writing. 

One other tool that you should use is a pomodoro timer, a tool which breaks down your time into intervals with breaks in between, allowing you to efficiently work and get the rest that you need.

Be Concrete And Specific

When writing a headline for your article, vagueness is your biggest enemy. Never make an ambiguous content as there are readers who do not have sufficient time to figure out what you are trying to deliver. The primary key is to be concrete and specific to form a clear mental illustration for the readers. 

Present The Value

Most readers are aiming for the value or benefits they can get when visiting your webpage. Thus, clearly state the benefits they can get from reading your content. This will entice them from reading the entirety of your article. 

Utilize A Clear And Powerful Language

The language you used can demonstrate the quality of your content. When you include some uninspiring or unfamiliar terms, most probably, your audience will get bored. Hence, include languages that are clear and powerful to your readers to hook their attention and gain more viewers. 

Do Your Research

Writing content should not be merely opinionated. You must do some necessary research, most especially when you are writing about marketing. Include some metrics, statistics, or supported data to build credibility, and will entirely support your article. 

Align Your Content To Your Company

The content you are writing represents the company you are working with. Thus,  it should be clearly aligned with the company’s traits. Align your tone to your brand persona, target audience, and your company’s goals. Remember that your content is the voice of your company. 

Provide Answers

People basically use the search engine to look for some answers. They will just type any questions, and Google presents available answers or solutions. The result usually comes with videos or some pictures. This goes the same when people are reading your content. They want immediate answers to their queries. Write a readable and easy to scan content so that the readers can quickly get the essential bits. 

Write An Engaging Content

The best way to engage your readers is to write engaging content. It primarily starts with your style of writing to make your audience hang on to your words. You can follow these fundamental tips to build an engaging article. 

Make A Promising Introduction

Most probably, your audience will automatically decide whether the blog post is worth reading for based on your first few sentences. To make them continue reading the rest of the content, inform them first what you will discuss in the post. Make them crave to learn more. 

You Can Include Relevant Questions

Try to include some relevant questions that will lead your audience to reflect on how they can carry out the information you have provided for them. However, this tactic doesn’t mean that you will write an incomplete post. You will just make them feel that you are personally talking to them. 


Content marketing has become a trend in this digital age where people will just sit, write down specific blogs, and gain readers. However, writing for websites should not be taken lightly. It needs research, time, and effort to create a compelling blog post. Digital marketing course in bangalore is the shining ray of hope that rewards you depending on your creativity. Internet marketing is the next massive thing in business & service sector. Virtually every item is taking the route to an online advertisement.

From your headline to takeaways, the content should be comprehensive. Be precise with your grammar, title, and proper organization. Reread your article before publishing them. If you need someone else’s help, don’t hesitate to ask them. Asking from experts will always work. 

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